Homestuck Greentikes


WOO finally finished this! Main Homestuck cast lineup, all wearing their starter tees. Or I don’t know what they’re really called, the t-shirts they start out in which have their respective symbols on them. These lineups are awesome, I’ll do some more sometime. Also, to clarify, because I’m pretty that none of you regular followers read Homestuck: the symbols in the background correspond to each characters’ God Tier attribute. By God Tier, I mean that each of them has a specific “role” or “station” (I forget what the real word is, you could drown in Homestuck’s vernacular) – they’re all the X of Y. In order, left to right:

- John Egbert, the Heir of Breath (hence the windy pattern)

- Rose Lalonde, the Seer of Light (hence the sunny pattern)

- Dave Strider, the Knight of Time (hence the cog thing)

- Jade Harley, the Witch of Space (hence the…actually that one makes no sense)

Hope that serves as an explanation of sorts to the uninitiated.

In any case, this was a bit of a tricky one, since I’m better at coming up with my own designs than working off of existing ones. It wasn’t as hard as most other times, as the characters are rendered in a rather simple manner – though as I already mentioned, I had trouble with Jade‘s interpretation.

The challenge was, surprisingly enough, mainly in the colours: the characters are rendered in black and white that’s the same link as before so don’t click it twice, which raises questions such as “Dave is clearly blond, but how blond should I make him?” or “Since Jade lives out in the middle of the pacific, how dark should her skin be?” (Turns out the answers were: “This blond” (lots of experimenting with this one, wish I’d saved screenshots, still not that happy with results) and “Not dark at all, actually. Maori!Jade looks weird.”)

So there you go. The Homestuck Beta Kids, outrageously in colour. Merry Christmas-In-August.


Final Stages



Nearly done the Thing I Said I Was Doing. As you can see, I completely redrew Jade’s face because, to be frank, it looked pretty goofy the first time around.




Something else you can tell if you look in the right hand corner is that I’ve completed the other three kids. Woo.

I’m doing a sort of step-by step thing with this one because I thought it might be interesting, I dunno. Anyway, there you go – half-coloured-face Jade.


Progress is slow


Just a simple progress report on the Homestuck thing I said I was doing. Looks good so far.

Edit: Oh hey whoa 100th post! Sweet. *fanfare*

Homestuck Lineup

I’ve been working on a character lineup of Homestuck‘s main cast. This is the…Whaddya call it? Base sketch? The outliney thingy you do before you start working on it. Anyway.

I think I might actually prefer this to the finished product, but there you go.







The lines are kind of thick and fuzzy because Photoshop automatically gives it a white background, so I managed to get a screenshot of what it looks like when I’m working on it.



Better, no?

From left to right: John Egbert, Rose LaLonde, Dave Strider and Jade Harley. I am currently working on the…Completed version? Seriously, I have no idea what to call these things.

Anyway, if you clicked any of those links you might be wondering why exactly I think this series is so awesome. Well, for starters, this. That right there. (Quite a bit of blood and rapidly flashing colours there, so if you’d rather avoid that, then this one is much, much tamer.) I realize it might dampen the impact to have no idea what’s going on, just…just look at how awesome everything is, and maybe for starters try and recognize the characters above? That’s all I’ve got to say for now.


Sunshine Award, aka. Aww Noooo Not Another One

Awards! How do I keep getting awards? I don’t think I’ve actually posting anything of any remote significance for the past couple months, yet these things keep popping up out of nowhere! Awwight, here goes. (Again, not nominating anyone because *obscene gesture* to other people.)

Anyway, here it is. In all its glory.You should be seeing a big bright happy picture here, but you're not. Scotty is on it already.


Oh, and it just occurred to me, but to show that I’m in the spirit of things here’s an appropriately sunny image.

Because you can never have enough Homestuck. Yes, I just completed the entire story thus far within the past week, and yes, it was glorious.

So! Standard procedure, five facts about yourself, and the answers to five questions. Of course, you’re supposed to come up with five questions ad nominees of your own, but as previously mentioned, *appropriate swearword* protocol.


1. The Homestuck orgy I mentioned? Fact number one.

2. I’m gonna cheat and make 2 about Homestuck as well, cause then I don’t have to think so hard. Bottom line: the Strider brothers are objectively the best. It is an immutable fact of the universe.

3. There must be a word for what colour my eyes are. I’m just not finding any. Ochre? Hmmmm.

4. Life  On Mars? is not a tough piece on the piano. I thought it would be, but…K, not really sure where I’m going with this? Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

5. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Okay, I guess I’m doing another Homestuck thing. You know the thing I said about the Strider brothers? I favour one over the other. But I won’t say which, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHyeah it’s totally Dave, how do you people even care anyways.


Questions! This oughtta be good.

1. If you had to choose between the Doctor, Sherlock, Merlin, Luke Skywalker, Matthias, Jim Hawkins, and Sir Percy Blakeney to go on an unexpected and otherwise completely unpredictable adventure with, who would you choose?

Well, I don’t know who Matthias or Sir Blakewhatsit are, but I don’t think it matter because you basically just asked me wanna go mess around with  bunch of pirates or travel literally anywhere in space and time, except for 1930’s Manhattan for some reason? Hrrmm yes let me give it a good long thinkoh for the love of EruTHE DOCTOR OKAY

2. Who would you be more likely to say “You’re weird!” (complete with exclamation point) to: Obi-Wan, Anakin, Sherlock, Watson, the Doctor, Merlin, or Halt? (If you would be most likely to say “You’re weird!” to Halt, then you have my undying respect. Either you are very brave, or just plain crazy.)

I don’t know who Halt is, but since nobody else on that list is weird I’m gonna go with Halt.

3. Do you wear socks to sleep in? (You’d better bet your fluffy bedsocks you do, young’un, wot?!)


I don’t



are sleep socks…Is that a thing? Is that a thing that started being true? I mean, I wear socks to sleep like any sane person this far from the equator…Er. I have a feeling that’s not what the question was about.

4. What is the best plot you’ve ever had that originated in a dream? (Yes, a sleeping dream. Daydreams don’t qualify. Sorry, Sir Percy.)

I don’t remember most of my dreams. I know that in a particularly recent awesome one I kicked a whole lot of ass and delivered a few dream one-liners, but I have absolutely no recollection of it. 

5. Have you ever been to Boston in the fall?

Uuurrrgghhhhghgh. Veggie Tales? Really? Have we truly, as a species, stooped this low?

Fine. As far as I know, No, I have never been to Boston. That’s not definite, though, because at the time I was born my parents were living in…that general vicinity, not saying where…So maybe? Iono.


And now, since I have already displayed Sportsmanship with the Sun-Related Paraphernalia earlier, I will make up for not nominating anyone by Doing A Whole Lot Of Other Stuff With Questions. Namely, answering the question my nominator was asked, and asking a few for the general public of y’all. So.

1. You’ve got one day left of your life. What would you want to do?

Find out why. Fix that. Achieve immortality. Ride into the sunset on a frickin’ rocket board, yo.

2. Pirates or ninjas, and why?

It has always been ninjas, without question. They are just infinitely cooler. I guess stealth has always been a thing with me? Even in Skyrim, the first skill I max out is stealth. Also, if I had to make a list of my top whatever favourite swords, katanas would definitely be in there somewhere. *Homestuck link related to katanas*

3, If you were turned into one of the Avengers, which one would you be most like?

If we go with literal similarities, then I probably resemble Black Widow the most, because I’m female, and also the aforementioned stealth thing. I am also fond of martial-arts style ass kicking. Heads up, that’s the exact same link as just now.

If I got to pick, though? I’d probably go with Thor, mostly because Norse mythology is my favourite. It’s just so awesome you guys

4. What are your top three favorite Bible characters, and why?

Aw, man, a favourites question. Hm. I’m assuming you mean besides Jesus? King David, because he kicks all kinds of ass, and also because he was pretty much the only one who kept his sh*t together and didn’t devolve into evil at any point, except for that one time he had that guy killed, but he felt bad about that like right away after.

Daniel is super awesome too, he’s like the Bible’s Gandhi or something, haha I’m not making any sense am I.

I guess Enoch, because he has a cool name and basically never died ever. Yes, those were completely arbitrary reasons, I hate picking favourites okay? Uh. Except, you know, with the whole Strider thing earlier. Disregard direct contradictions of my own declarations.

5.(I’m going to be evil, too) What is your favorite book?

OH NOES HOW WILL I EVER FIND THE ANSWjust kidding you guys it’s lord of the rings


And now! I will ask five questions, as per my former bargain, for anybody to answer as they please, ’cause hey it’s like flippin’ Christmas all up in here, maybe there’ll be free apple juice at the end. Or maybe we’ll all get cake. X2 SUPER REFERENCE COMBO YEEEAAHH

1. Norse gods! If you were a Norse god, which one would you be? (Me, I guess I’d probably be Iduna, all chillin’ with my magic apples yo and not givin’ a carp) (that was dumb)

2. Back to Homestuck, because try as I might I can’t stop thinking about it. I’m not actually trying anyway. I’m am at this moment listening to the soundtrack and nodding my head and stuff. Anyway, if you were a superhero, would you want:

-Windy Powers (total control over the wind, plus the ability to become wind any time you wanted, plus any other uses for windy powers you can think of)

-Lighty Powers (control over light I guess? I don’t really know how Rose’s powers work so actually skip this one) (I think it means you’re a guide-type thing?)

-Timey Powers (wibbly wobbly, timey wimey. As much time travel as you want, as long as you’re able to keep stable time loops) (X3 SUPER REFERENCE COMBO HECK YES)

-Spacey Powers (shrink stuff, grow stuff, telekinesis)


-Lifey Powers (resurrect anyone, once per person, as long as you’re within range)

-Voidey Powers (pull basically anything out of the void of possibility and into reality, but it’s really hard to get the hang of and the more complex the item the harder it is to pull through) (also invisibility)

-Hearty Powers (Dirk’s title as the “Prince of Heart” could loosely be translated as “Devourer of Souls”. Check it out. Devourer. Of. Souls.) (it kinda takes a while though, so it’s not super practical it the heat of battle)

-Hopey Powers (the power of hope and friendship and love and no seriously I have no idea what Jake’s powers really do, disregard again)

So pick two of those powers, one from 2. and one from 3. , except I guess Light and Hope because I still have no gorram clue what those do. X4 SUPER REFERENCE COMBO AWW YEEEESSSSSS

4. What made you stumble across my untidy little blogspace in the fist place?

5. There is no question five. I am altering the deal. Pray I do not alter it further. X5 QUINTUPLE KICKASS REFERENCE SUPERCOMBO TABLE FLIPPIN’ YEAH




(If you want my answer to question 2/3, I think I’d either pick Time/Heart, and not just because those are the Strider powers (soul stealing is another cool thing I like to do in Skyrim, and time travel is just the best), or Space/Void because that seems to be the most practical combination (summon a little rock ’cause it’s easy, then make it huge and drop on an army)(actually why don’t Jade and Roxy do exactly that? If I see that happen I will be so thrilled))


I Win At Summer



Should be what summer is.

Sitting in one of your favourite reading nooks, reading Homestuck and guzzling Pop Rocks. I know you’re only supposed to be able to guzzle liquids, but I think an exception should be made for Pop Rocks because

Pop Rocks

yyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh haha none of that will make sense to you but it is still

the awesomest thing

Anyway I guess what I’m saying is, Homestuck is awesome and you should go read it now, there is TIME TRAVEL and OTHER STUFF and it is just the best thing since Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality. And now you know that the reason why I can never get anything done is because I am too busy with other stuff.



Intermission: Nil Supernum

This Long Period Of Silence is different from my usual Long Periods Of Silence, in that I actually do want to draw something and pin it up here, but can’t. Holidays, see. Oh, I promised myself I wouldn’t gloat, but…Nah, I made no such promise. Drum roll, please…New Zealand! As in, I am in it! Literally. I was just in a cave in Waitomo. Man, this whole country is just plain indescribable…which, I now realise, is a paradox, since ‘indescribable’ is in itself a description.

Anyway, wanted to fill the silence with some pointless fluff I wrote a couple ago. Figured I might as well get an opinion. This is all pretty raw, meaning that it’s just as I first wrote it – unedited, draft-y and possibly missing words or letters. It was just an idea I had and, again, I figured I’d get an opinion.


Nil Supernum


Her sister was always the first one people noticed.

Wherever they would go, Valentia was known throughout the city. Tall, stunning, all her curves in the right places, she was everyone’s friend. She always wore cloth that grabbed attention, jewels that shimmered in the sun. She was the merchant Haye’s daughter, she could afford it – and she made sure everyone knew she could. She was bold and arrogant and sexy, and everybody loved her for it – and so, by the natural forces of jealousy, her sister hated her for it. She didn’t care, though. She seldom cared about everything. That was what made Nil hate her the most.

Following behind her like a disinterested shadow, Nil was small, thin and pale. She tended to cloak herself from the sun, and wear men’s clothing. The only jewellery she wore was an earring made of abalone shell – she didn’t like telling people how she’d got it. She was quiet, sullen, sour-tongued and dagger-eyed – Valentia’s friends would call her and Nil Sunshine and Stormshine, respectively. On top of it all, Nil wasn’t the merchant Haye’s daughter. Or rather, the merchant Haye had to pretend that she was, else his family be shamed.

She was the daughter of a mariner, Santana Llars, who had stopped at the city harbour for a year, and then left – though not before getting to know roughly one third of the eligible women in the city, as well as two fifths of the less eligible ones. Nil estimated that she had twelve half- brothers and sisters in the residential Hearth District alone. How many in the Argosy District she called home, she did not know. Less than twelve, certainly – residents of the unofficial merchant’s district tended to be more respectable than the common rabble; yet less Byronic than the nobility of the Crystal District, amidst whose ranks she guessed walked a score of her blood siblings.

Of course Nil hated being a bastard, and of course she hated Llars for the man-slut that he was. That wasn’t the truly terribly awful part; Nil hated a lot of things.

The truly terribly horribly awful part was that, five years ago, on her twelfth birthday, Santana had returned to the city of Egress. To meet her.

Her mother had thrown a fit. A quiet one, though – she didn’t want word to get out any more than the parties involved, not to mention her husband, who had his reputation to think of. There was a balcony on the first floor that looked over the living hall: Nil had watched the argument from there. Santana was tall, svelte and tanned; but his hair was dark and his eyes were bright green, to match her own. He had worn his beard short, and had a blue paisley kerchief around his neck. He had looked for all the world like a vendor of the Argosy District, though his rope-worn hands gave him away.

He had told Nil’s mother that he cared about her. That she was the only one of his romances he had truly loved. That, if she wanted him to, he would take her daughter with him to learn her father’s trade. That he wanted to meet his little girl. That he wanted to see her, if only for a moment. Yet time after time, Nil’s mother shook her head, No. Finally, Santana Llars walked out the back door, and was never heard from again. At least, that’s what Nil’s mother thought.

Nil had quietly scrambled down the stairs after her father and burst through the back door as he was leaving. He had whirled around, and stared at her with what she had later come to think of as disbelief – disbelief that, standing before him, was whom he had come to see, and to whom had been formerly denied audience. They had faced each-other for long minutes, him lost in thought, her staring defiantly at him and beginning to wonder whether she had made the right choice. Finally, he took a step forward and hugged her. She was too surprised to pull back at first, but then realised with a start that her official father never hugged her: a thing whose absence she had never noticed until that moment. She had felt her throat begin to prickle and close up; but she had never cried before, and was determined not to start.

Words were never exchanged between them, but as he was about to leave, Llars had unhooked an earring from his paisley kerchief. He had pressed it into the palm of Nil’s hand, then turned and left, without a glance behind him. Nil had opened her hand. The earring was made of abalone, and shone like pale opal. It lay for years under her pillow until she finally gave in and had her right ear pierced.

She hadn’t taken it off since.


So there. The only other idea I have for this story it that Nil should have a best friend who’s a thousand times more likeable than her, because frankly, if you don’t at least mildly dislike Nil after reading this, then I don’t know what kind of books you’ve been reading but whatever it is you have terrible taste.

The idea is that the main character is so dislikeable that the reader actually grows to hate her – but they keep reading because her best friend is awesome and the writing is good. Then, near the climax, the main does something stupid or arrogant or badguyish and gets herself killed off. The awesome best friend becomes the real main character and saves the world the right way. Bam, ultimate satisfaction for readers. I know I want someone to write a book like that – maybe Neil Gaiman or Eliezer Yudkowsky, I don’t know.


Clearing the Dust



How long has it been? A month? Three? Anyway, this is just to let y’all know that I ain’t dead. Wishing real horrorshow summers to all.


Hang On a Second



Take a look at this.

Got it?

Now take a look at this.

Now, I don’t know about you, but…

…Nintendo may actually have been listening to Diaz.

Don’t you think?


Good Grief, ‘Nother Liebster Award

Blimey, these things are just going ’round like a fatal disease. I was nominated by Erin this time. Obligatory rules:



Haha yeah no, I’m not linking anyone because bleh, I’m tired. Alright, let’s get this over with. Bring on the questions!


1. Why do you blog? (It’s always on there, and who am I to break tradition?)

I like sharing. It makes me feel warm ad fuzzy like I’m being hugged by rainbow gummy bears. Haha psyche It’s because I’m a showoff.

2. What do you think of every night to help you go to sleep?

I make up short stories in my head. Often they revolve around two characters facing some trial, like I dunno, they’re captured by some dread sorcerer and have to escape. Hey, I didn’t say the plots were in any way complicated, it’s just brain candy.

3. What sorts of movies do you dislike? (And don’t just say violent, gory ones, since that’s a given. Or should be.)

Romantic comedies, definitely. I just can’t bring myself to even remotely care about these random people’s pathetic love lives.

4. Do you still keep your imaginary friends around? (Most writers say yes.) If so, what are they like?

Not really, actually. I’m not sure I’ve ever really had an imaginary friend. I remember pretending to have imaginary friends when I was five, because I’d heard that that was what little girls did. But it’s always really just been me living inside my head. Now, if you’d asked if I pictured the different aspects of my mind living inside my head, that would be something I could answer.

5. Do you have imaginary friends who seem to have lives and minds of their own? What are their personalities like?

For the sake of answering the question, I’m going to go ahead and answer this question as though you were asking about the whole aspects-of-me thing and not actual imaginary friends.

I basically picture my head as the bridge of the Enterprise-D, the one from ST:TNG, only with vines growing everywhere and sunlight streaming through the broken glass of the ceiling. My conscious mind is sitting in the captain’s chair, and sitting at the different stations are the different part of my mind like Memory, Instinct, Emotion. Fashion Sense has been reported missing for about a decade, and Sexual Attraction is crying into her sparkly dress somewhere in a dark, locked basement.

6. Do you have imaginary friends who sit around and comment as you write? What are their names?

Again, no, not really. Moving on.

7. Do you have a designated “Muse”? (I have Kysherin.)

Um. I’m not entirely sure what this question is supposed to mean. I think I know what a Muse is, in Greek mythology I mean…If this is another formulation of the whole ‘imaginary friends’ question, then I think you already know the answer.

8. What outside forces and events have had the greatest impact on your outlook?

Like my outlook in life? Whether I’m a cynist or an optimist? There haven’t really been any “major” events in my life, if that’s what you’re talking about…I guess moving from the backwater village where I grew up to a city where they actually speak English helped a lot, I actually have friends now. And I guess there have been a few people I’ve met who have given me a sense of the different perspectives you can have on life? Really, I think the things that have had the greatest impact on the way I think are books. I started bulldozing through the Discworld series when I was eight, I think that’s when I truly started to grow up.

9. Do you have a place (or activity) that helps you think better? When, what, and where?

Uh, drawing, really. Emotional problems? Draw. Masssive workload? Procrastinate. Draw. Tired after a long day, but can’t fall asleep? Turn on that Bowie. Draw. Then eat something, then draw some more.

10. What are your favorite songs to work to?

Depends. Lindsey Stirling is good because there aren’t any words to distract me, it’s just endless beautiful violin rock. I’m a big Jack Johnson fan, he’s good unless you’re writing fantasy. You may have noticed that I’ve been listening to a lot of David Bowie recently, but with his stuff I like to just sit and focus on the lyrics, it’s more of a Stop-Relax sort of thing than a Help You Focus thing.

11. What is the worst attack of plot bunnies you’ve ever had?

Every waking moment of my life.


Eleven facts! This is going to be tricky.


1. I can count my friends on the fingers of one hand. One, Two, Three-Four, Aaaand yeah okay she makes Five. FOREVER ALONE

2. I tend to focus on trivial questions such as, “Does Thranduil go visit Elrond sometimes? Did Arwen ever have to babysit Thranduil’s brattish little kid? Or was Legolas actually really easy to manage when he was little? Elves reach adulthood at the age of fifty, so if Legolas was under 100 when he was drafted into the Fellowship, and he did go for family visits in Rivendell, would he have met child-Aragorn? Would he have met Gilraen? Would Gilraen have babysitted him?” Then answering all the questions and integrating them into my headcanon. (Yes. Yes. Absolutely not. Probably not. Maybe? Haha no.)

3. I don’t have any cool mutations. I wish I did, but nope, brown eyes, brown hair, nothing unusual.

4. I get mad when people say “satellite” and they’re thinking of “satellite dish”. That word you keep using, it does not mean what you think it means.

5. Quotes! I quote stuff all the time. But often nobody gets it.

6. “What do you think you know and how do you think you know it” is possibly the most useful proverb (proverb?) ever.

7. It’s past midnight and I can’t count to eleven.


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