Blog of a Twelve-Year-Old Artist/Gamer

Hey, there. First of all, I wanted my username to be Sheikah, not Sheikahstone, but Sheikah, Sheik, etc. were already taken. I will refer to myself as Sheikah while blogging though.

Ok, so by now you may have noticed that I am a Zelda fan. You can tell this from the title of this post, or the previous sentence, or even (especially) the title of the blog, which, for you who need larger glasses, reads “dark link/light link”. I just think Zelda is awesome. It is the best game series Nintendo has ever created. It’s even better than Mario, which I have never actually liked as much as most games. There’s just something about your character being a fat sweaty italian plumber with an unkempt mustache.

Anyhow, this is my first blog and I am learning as I go, so if I am completely messing something up feel free to let me know, though I would appreciate it if those comments went something like, “you forgot to write the title” rather than “YOU SUCK SO BAD.” Just a thought.

As for the artist part, well, I rock at drawing. For a pre-teen, anyway. And I also in fact rock at drawing Zelda charecters. Which is mainly what will be in this blog. And also the occaisional comic. But don’t expect the comics to be too funny, because even though I have a great sense of humour and really appreciate good humour, when it comes to actually making up humour, I fail. In an Epic way. I am an Epic Failer. So expect most comics that will be posted to be not particularily funny, or complete rip-offs from other awesome websites like dorkly. Or Awkward Zombie. Sometimes VG Cats or Brawl in the Family . Point is, art and comics, mostly video-game related. I think that pretty much sums it up.




About Sheikah

Drawing stuff yeah

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  1. Yay! I’m commenting on my own blog!

  2. Hi Sheikah,

    I’m a huge fan, and getting huger. Must be all the Thai food I’m scarfing down this week. I’m reading your blog at breakfast, and it’s really made my day. Hope you don’t mind, I’m going to show it to all my friends.

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