Another Day, Another Post

This blog was a triumph

I’m posting a note here : HUGE SUCCESS

It’s hard to overstate my satisfaction


I draw what I must because I want to

For the good of all who view

Except the ones who are dead

But there’s no sense crying over every lost friend

You just keep on trying ’till you hit the right trend

And the comics get done,

And you make a neat gun

For the people who’re rea-

-ding your blog.

Thumbs up if you get the reference!

By the way, anyone notice that I started blogging yesterday, which was the 29th of February? It means I only have to do a special anniversary comic/art every four years! Hooray for procrastination!



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Drawing stuff yeah

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  1. Ha! Excellent.

    An anniversary comic once every for years is good. I’m amazed at what you can achieve with only a mouse. I’ll give you a tablet for drawing, can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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