Art 1: Sheikah Me

I did say I would post my art, right? Well, I just posted art. Basically, it’s a black-and-white version of me as a Sheikah. Made in photoshop, with a mouse and not a tablet, so be impressed that it came out any good.

I basically dressed myself up as Sheik, or at least what I remember of Sheik’s clothing.

Did you notice that blue outfit underneath that cloth kinda looks like Samus Aran’s spandex?

Also, I wish I had pointy ears like that. But I don’t.


PS: NO, contrary to appearances, I am not gay. I am a girl. Shut up.


About Sheikah

Drawing stuff yeah

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  1. Great drawing of yourself Sheikah, I love the details. Care to explain the logo on your clothing? And no, you don’t look like a boy, like your hair tendrils!

  2. Hi Sheikah, you rock! Pleased to meet you all dressed up – I’m in awe of your artwork. I’ve signed up as an avid follower.

  3. The logo is the symbol of the Sheikah, a mysterious people from the Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time, who are apparently capable of inventing on-the-spot teleportation songs. Sheik is an example; he/she is a sort of guide who will present you with the means of teleporting to each temple with a simple song on your Ocarina. Futher explanation would be spoilers for everybody who hasn’t yet played the game (although I’m not sure if there’s a big Zelda fan who doesn’t know Sheik’s secret).

    What are tendrils?

  4. Your a great artist… I wish I knew how to put my art online…. I hope you do more and thanks for creating such lovely art… Thanks! ^-^

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