Art 2 : Triforce

Okay, so now I’m apologising for the lousy quality of yesterday’s made-it-in-two-minutes comic, and I’m apologising with MORE lousy quality art!


…I’m not even sure what this one is supposed to mean. I think it combines the shock of finding out you’re one of three ‘destiny kids’ or whatever, and then finding out that the third destiny kid is in fact a grown man/gerudo/weird pig thing, who is three times your height with muscles the size of footballs/powerful destructive magic/staff thing that shoots stuff/something dangerous. And he is ruler of a very large domain. And he wants to crush you and steal your glowing triangle.

I think that pretty much sums it up.

PS: I don’t like to promise, but I assure you that the next comic/art I will post will be of higher quality.


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