Comic 2 : Fairy Substitution

This is such a classic.

Ok, so I apologize for a minor mistake, it’s just that the comic layout and situation works better with it :

During your battle with Volvagia, who is the dragon thing with a mullet he whips you with, you are standing on a raised platform, like a huge rock rising out of a pool of lava. There are cliffs on every side. Therefore, it is impossible that Link somehow found a wall to lean against while he caught his breath. Sorry about that.

In other news : Three posts in one day! Wow.

Also, had to do the scanning in arcsoft photostudio instead of photoshop. Don’t know why; scanner refused to work in photoshop. Huh. Hope it doesn’t last.

Okay, I just know my dad is going to post a comment about what the problem might be and how to fix it. WELL DON’T. I won’t understand a word of it. And that goes for non-dad viewers, too.



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  1. I have no freaking idea what the problem could be. Bummer.

  2. nyah nyah nya-nyah nyah, you can’t annoy me LOL.

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