Comic 3 : Magic Bean Salesman is Selfish

It’s weird how he does nothing but eat his infinite stock of beans all day, but he’s selfish enough not to give any after you’ve bought ten. Since you were willing enough to buy them when the prices just kept rising and rising (10, 20, 30, 40, etc.), you’d think he’d want to sell you more for even higher prices.

Also, I apologize for the speech bubble in the second panel being so hard to read, but I had originaly writen it in a really cramped handwriting, so I erased it and redid it in arcsoft photostudio. Yeah, see, that’s the problem. Photoshop still refuses to take whatever I scan in, so I have to use photostudio since it’s the scanner default or something. And because of that, the image quality gets all pixelated and hard to read and stuff. So if you still can’t read it, the second panel speech bubble says : “But you’ve been doing nothing but munch on them for the past twelve hours! They appear to be infinite!”

Anyway, there you go. Comic. Happy reading.



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