Art 5 : Zelda 25th Anniversary Art

Okay, so it’s a couple years late, but here it is! Every Zelda-themed blog/website should have something like this, in my opinion.

I apologize for the use of inapropriate drawing paper, but it was the paper I had at hand at the time.

Also, I apologize for Fi and the bird thing, the Loftwing or whatever it’s called, for being there even though Skyward Sword only came out last year or something. See, it wasn’t originally intended to be a 25th anniversary special. It basically went down like this :

“Okay, let’s draw Link. Wow, that came out really well. Let’s add Zelda too. And Navi, since I always represent Link with the annoying fairy hovering around his shoulder for some reason. You know what, let’s throw in Midna and a buch of others too. I bet Dark link would look good in that corner… And Ganondorf in the opposite corner. We should have the bird up there too… Hey, that corner looks really empty, let’s see, who can I put there… How ’bout child Link, even though he’s basically the same person as Link so that would create a space-time conundrum. Hmm, he’s not big enough, I know , what if we put Epona in there as well? Hey, this looks really awesome, maybe this could be a 25th anniversary special, even with Fi and stuff in it. I’ll just draw that on the bottom…”

Anyway, enjoy, even though it’s not the most epic anniversary special out there.



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