Link and Zelda : News Reporters



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  1. Narrate by all means, but you should probably avoid opportunities to narrarate in case it means something dangerous.

    LOL catz reference is great – go go Internet memes!

    Also, psst… there’s a brown ear in panel 4.

    • Thnx for letting me know about the ear, but I don’t think I’ll change it. Too lazy. Bwahaha you are condemned to look at an ear that is the wrong color for the rest of eternity! Aren’t I cruel.

      • Poor lassie. Nice bangs, though. 😛 Guys with messy hair are cool…? 😛

        • Wow…How on earth are you finding all this old stuff? And yes, messy hair is pretty cool.

          • I’m boooooooreeddddd… *flops on keyboard*ZRASDLKJF
            oops… 😛 heehee…
            Yeah, ’cause for some reason it’s fun when the villain can grab the hero by their hair. And obviously, I have been daydreaming about Dooku being evil around Obi-Wan too much. *sigh*
            I’m sorry if I’m not making much sense, I had a migraine when I got up this morning, which was no fun…

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