Random Stuff that Happened Today

Hey everyone. Decided to take a break from the “News reporters” stuff for a while; I can’t draw that fast with a tablet. I can draw pretty fast with a pencil, though; so expect a bunch of sketches I made in my free time at school (recess, lunch break, etc.).

A couple days ago, at the junior high I go to, things were a bit more interesting than usual. Okay, I know, talking about my school life sounds lame, but whatever. It’s what you’re going to have to put up with. If you don’t like it, fine. I have a whole blog full of sketches and comics.

First up, there’s this one guy who always wears a cap and a color coordinated sweatshirt. Well, today they were green. And for some reason he took it into his head to wear matching green pants and shoes with green shoelaces as well. His whole outfit – green.

Now he is known as “Yoshi”.

Yesterday, again with the color coordinated thing. This time in blue. No-one remarked on it, though, because blue pants look a lot like regular jeans. I wonder if he’ll do red next.

Second, during lunch, the kids sitting behind me got up in the middle of the meal and started walking up and down the isle saying : “‘cuz I’m Batman.”

Then, at lunch break, I was sitting on the bleachers writing in Hylian (TP Hylian), because that’s just the kind of person I am,  and some clown comes up and asks what I’m doing. His friend suddenly exclaims that I’m writing in “Zelda Language”. I was kinda impressed that he recognized it, though I’m pretty sure he guessed it from the Triforce drawing on my arm. The kid start trying to make fun of me for being a total Zelda geek. I’m actually really proud to be a total Zelda geek, but he was kind of getting on my nerves so I let him know I liked being a geek and called him a n00b. He started jumping up and down screaming : “I’M A N00B! I’M A N000000B!” Seriously. Then he told me that he used to play geeky games too, but then stopped. He when on to tell me that he was sorry to crush my dreams but pokémon didn’t exist, Zelda was a pussy and princess Peach was a *****. Then his friends called him over so he left telling them “Hang on, I was just informing her that pokémon didn’t exist”. Seriously weird guy, but entertaining to watch.

One thing I noticed is that he didn’t seem all that enthusiastic with his teasing. I think it’s because he misses playing games like the ones I play. It’s sad, really, seeing peolple give up all these awesome games for… *Shudder*…Populartity.

Also, here‘s what I was drawing.

I dare you to decipher it.



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  1. You shouldn’t feel ashamed about writing in… Hylian? I write in Aurebesh… that’s the Star Wars alphabet. 😉

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