Art 9 : Gifts of the Goddesses

We were distributed these travel journal things during the field trip to Munich, and the last pages were blank and you could scribble whatever you wanted on them. I used them to draw Zelda.

Here they are :

I think the last one is pretty epic.

Okay, yeah, so I don’t know exactly how the three Goddesses look, or what Ganondorfs’ armor looks like. Well, CLOSE ENOUGH. It’s just meant to be recognisable. Anyway, I like to sometimes make up what characters wear and stuff to better suit their personality or characteristics. Farore is drawn small and cute. Nayru is thin and elegant. Din is fit and energetic. Etcetera.

Anyhow, they are, on the whole, well-drawn representations in my opinion. If you disagree, fine. Go ahead and post a ten-page-long comment about how awful I am. See if I care.

If you do agree, great. Go ahead and post a comment about how well I draw. I care about that.

In other news, April holidays are coming up in a week where I am. Which is cool since I just got back from an almost-holiday field trip. It also means I’ll probably have more time to blog. Yay!

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