Comic 5 : Playing Outside

Just something that was hanging around my head after seeing something similar and thrown together quickly. Maybe I should have put in a background, but it would interfere with the absence of lines. Ah well.

So I’m thinking of making this blog a twice-per-week kind of thing, whaddya think? I think regularity helps with maintenance and stuff. Your opinion would be valued, since if you don’t really care about when I post, it means less restrictions and stress for me but more irregularity.

Anyway, see ya soon or something. Man, I can never get the hang of the whole ‘signing off’ thing. Ah well.



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  1. Both options come with pros and cons. Spontenaity is lost with scheduled submissions, and it would be more stressful especially if you tend to expect a great deal from yourself. As well, life is full of things that involve timelines.
    That said, it would help develop skills such as discipline, and increased comfort with producing according to a schedule, rather than when your muse calls.

    From the reader’s perspective little would change. They will still be reading interesting posts.

    For these reasons i would suggest you do whatever you want.

  2. Irregular is fine, it means spontaneity and you’d enjoy blogging more!

    Regular means it becomes a chore, so please blog when you feel like it.

  3. Ha! Liking the humour, thanks!

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