Comic 6 : The Horrible Truth Behind The Zora Sapphire

Just like your average cheesy soap-opera!

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  1. Nah, strangling Ruto would take too much effort. Zelda should just turn the other cheek, as she walks out the door.

  2. BTW, great pics!

  3. So… Uh I guess all those times of Zelda rejecting Link finally got its revenge on her…. Ouch… Still I really like this I wish I could draw as good as you 😀

  4. Link the Hero of the Future

    Zelda should’ve acted sooner, before Link got engaged to Ruto. But if Malon says what Zelda said in the 1st pannel, Link would do the exact same thing to her, telling her that he’s already engaged to Ruto. In Eli-J-Brony’s story Dark Creature, after Majora’s Mask, in my own Timeline, he married Ruto, but in my own version, he did when Link was a Zora and Ruto was the Ex-Sage, of Water

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