Comic 7 : 11-Year-Old Me, the Worst DM in History

Yes, I play Dungeons and Dragons. Yes, when I first started playing I was the most awful DM ever.

Yes, I am twelve, so that means this happened about a year ago.

No, it does not mean I am still like that.

Yes, I have made sure I never kill off a PC ever since.

Yes, a certain somebody who has a Warlock and Paladin (whose name I will not mention but who knows I am talking about him as he reads this) has built said Paladin and Warlock so that they have crazy-high stats for their level and who are pretty much indestructible anyway. And I can’t do anything about it. Especially not bump the monsters up a level because the rest of the team is composed of PCs four levels lower than the Paladin and Warlock who keep rolling ones and threes on the d20. The low-levels keep rolling low, not the Paladin and Warlock.

Yes, I also made a bonus panel.

Yes, it is right here.


P.S. : That Fan Art for Aikonia I sent in? It got approved! Yaaaay! Extremely fulfilling goal accomplished! You can check it out here. Mine’s the one titled “Edward by Sheikah”.


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  1. Wow, you are only 12… Not that I share your interest in DM, but your drawings are great. I can see the frustration in the above.

    Thanks for buzzing my Nether Region and the host of Caturday Likes, appreciated.


  2. Still with the Paladin? I’d say that it’s the same one i battled with but i eventually killed that one off.

    In my humble opinion being able to even attempt being a DM takes a lot of skill, so give yourself a break.

    Keep in mind that he of the Paladin had a few challenges himself when he was acting as DM. I remember an especially enjoyable moment when Mr Paladin was DM and had created a supermonster. I had a lowly Ranger but also had a bunch of shadows in my control. Shadows in general are no big thing, but have enough of them and then have them play the bongos on said supermonster and bye bye monster.

    Remember, the game is like the gluten-free cookie. The answer dragonfly is blowing in the wind.

    Ask your father,

    • Great story, one thing : I’m talking about MY brother’s paladin. Not your brother’s paladin. Hah, slight mix-up there I think.
      A ranger controlling shadows? I better reread that player’s handbook…

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