Art 13 : Sketches of Vaati and Sheik

Been a little busy lately, but I thought I should scan these in.

So yeah.

In other news, I overheard these two kids during recess pretending to talk in a language consisting entirely of  “Trollololol”. They were only pretending, and hadn’t actually memorized an entire new language, but the concept is actually really cool. There could actually be a language like that, every letter differentiated by the number of lols at the end. Or better yet, it could be like Morse code, with “_” being “Troll” and “.” being “lol”.

What ideas their moronic blabbering sparked. In fact, I might just go to the trouble of memorizing Morse code, just to be able to speak like that.



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  1. I’ll have to get used to Vaati…tell me more…

    • You mean more on Vaati’s background?

      Vaati was originally a Minish. The Minish are a race of tiny elf-like people, though I can’t quite describe them since I have never played the game Minish Cap. Would like to, though.
      He was the apprentice of the famous sorceror Ezlo. Ezlo invented a magic cap that grants you amazing power, enough to accomplish your every whim. Vaati stole the cap and put it on.
      He turned his master, Ezlo, into a bird-like cap, then traveled to Hyrule and turned princess Zelda to stone.

      He enjoys self-indulgence, works only for himself, thirst constantly for power and collects damsels in distress as a kind of hobby.

      Yeah… He’s not really a good guy…
      He’s still really awesome, though. And he’s a Wind Mage, which kind of automatically makes him cool.

  2. If you know how to use sign language you can make all sorts of comments to your friend on the other side of the room and no one knows. At work I can tell one of the docs that his client will be 40 minutes late and not actually say a thing.

    There is a compolete Klingon language with dictionaries and such, and for the Game of Thrones a whole new language was developed for one of the groups. this is how cool linguists make their money.

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