Comic 8 : Heart Dissection

We dissected our first heart in Science class today. I was totally psyched ; I couldn’t stop grinning this manic grin, and after a while my cheeks started to hurt.

And I did a one-panel comic about it.




Everything smelt faintly of blood for the rest of the day, though, for no apparent reason.



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  1. Your heart dissection entry brought back memories of my own dissection experience 30 years ago. Back then, you had to catch or hunt your own specimen for dissection. Once, I remember waiting in the dark for the cockroaches to emerge from their hiding places, a plastic bag in hand.

    But the goriest ever was having to dissect a live frog at Biology class (I caught mine in my garden after the rains). We had to anesthetize our own frog just enough to render it unconscious but not to kill it. We had to work quickly: spread the frog out, pin down its legs, make a slit in the skin right through its middle and then open up the skin to observe the internals. The purpose was to observe the pumping motion of the frog’s heart (back then there was no society for cruelty against animals). The biggest fear was that the frog was not anesthetized well enough and woke up while we were poking at its internals. Can you imagine the frog opening its eyes and squirming to escape?

    Anyways, thanks for bringing back the memories!

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