Comic 11 : The Legend of Groose

Yeah, I just felt like doing something really silly to take a break from the tension-packed Vaati Backstory series.

I like Gerooso Valley’s Groose-name the best.

I was actually tempted to rearrange the different areas into the shape of Groose’s head, but it’s already hard enough reproducing a precise and exact copy of Hyrule, and anyway I doubt anyone would notice.

Error detected : Child Link has a sword but no shield. He couldn’t have gotten this far without one, and there’s nothing in Kokiri forest that could burn it off. Huh.



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  1. Where’s the golf course in Grooseland?

  2. I love it!!! You really must have worked hard on this i mean its amazing. How…? So detailed it even kinda looks like a loftwing.

    • You mean the map? I took a map of Hyrule of Google images and retraced the lines on a separate layer. That way, it’s something I drew myself and not something I just copy-pasted off the net like a lazy person would do.
      It also gets me a lot of undeserved credit 😛

  3. Credit deserved i think i’m going to try and get my blog like yours:D

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