Comic/Art 13/14 : Alternate Backstory for Vaati (part 4)

Okay, so my internet has been out almost all week, so my whiny complaints about not being able to buy posters has been the only thing up this whole time. Grr. Egg-on-my-face week, that was.

So anyway, here’s part four of the series. I wasn’t sure if it’s a comic or art since it’s part of a comic series but there’s only one panel. So I named it both.

The “electrified eyes” thing was actually accidental, but I really like the effect so I decided to keep it.



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  1. That is so cool!
    I’m really impressed with your blog but your artwork is very impressive. I now have as my wallpaper the pic you did where you are using the heart as a glove. It actually doesn’t surprose me that you could smell the organ sometime after. It has something to do with the body tissues breaking down. As the human body decomposes the air molocules that carry scent also have a chemical comppnent that basically sticks onto you and takes a loooonnnnnggggg time to go away. So rven though the hearts are being preserved, they will decompose a little when you are working on them.

    Disecting hearts would be so cool, i only got to do frogs and nematodes. Check with uour dad about when he did his own disecting of a bullfrog.

    Keep on puttin’ your stuff up, it’s really cool.


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