Some More Aikonia

So we’re going through more problems with the internet, and I think it’ll only be fully operational by tomorrow or something, so posting may be slow.

And instead of putting up the next part of the Vaati backstory series like a good little girl, I did some more Aikonia fanart. I AM A MASTER PROCRASTINATOR.

The first one is an edit, where you take one of their comics and replace the words in the speech bubbles with you own. Check it out here, and the original here.

The next one is of Ariel, who is being possessed by the main villain (not actually the same thing as truly being the main villain).

Yes, that really is how she is dressed, as of comic 108. I don’t actually know if it will show up in the fan art because I’m not sure I sent it in properly. Ah well ; if it doesn’t get in I’ll send it again.

I think I’m getting better at cloth and detail, don’t you? Say yes. It’s psychologically fulfilling for me. 😛

Shei — wait, why do I alway sign these things? It’s not like you don’t know who wrote this. Ah well, old habits die hard.


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  1. Yes, you are 🙂 I also like the way you are able to make your characters come alive with their fluid motions. And your fan art edit is hilarious, enjoyed it very much.

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