I Hate Legolas-Rips-Off-Link Theories (plus story-like thing)

The title says it all. I seriously hate people who shake their fists at Legolas, screaming that he rips off Link. In fact, that could even be a line in Kate Nash’s “I Hate Seagulls”. “I hate seagulls, and I hate being sick. I hate people who say that Legolas rips off Link”. Because, seriously, Legolas is totally awesome. He is the awesomest character ever, and is from the awesomest movie ever, based on an awesome book.

Yeah, if I were to have a Top Five Favorite Movies list, Lord of the Rings would come out on top, Avengers second, Scott Pilgrim third… Annnd…Actually, I don’t think there are any other movies I think are awesome. I can survive on those three.

But anyway, back to the point. If there really was a duel pitting Link against Legolas, it would probably be because they were kidnapped (outnumbered by their kidnappers, even though Link has the spin-attack and Legolas seems to have infinite arrows), gagged and dragged to an arena where they were forced to fight other heroes to the death. I think it would go down this way :

Link makes quick work of Marth and Aeris. Legolas takes down Beowulf and King Arthur (Excalibur was highly overrated). The final gates rise and they find themselves against each other. They realize that this a battle they want to fight less than any other (although Link actually had a bone to pick with Marth).

Legolas readies an arrow, and link draws his sword. They start circling around slowly, uncertain of who will make the first move. Legolas is ready to draw a second arrow once the first leaves the bowstring, Link is prepared to slash at the arrow when it comes around (his training in energy ball-tennis with Ganon helped) and then move in close. Legolas pauses, Link hesitates.

Then Legolas makes up his mind and turns around in one swift movement, and fires his arrow towards the Game master or whoever is pitching them against each other. The arrow flies true, and pierces the guy’s heart. He falls from his balcony, from which he was watching the show. Link had taken understood as soon as his fellow elf had whipped around, and had thrown his boomerang at the crowd. This was the boomerang he had saved from his travels in Koholint, and was no mere stun-device. It takes out half a dozen booing Orcs in one throw. He now draws his own bow and starts firing by his comrade’s side. Much carnage ensues, but of course they emerge victorious.

Cut to a scene of the two of them standing on the peak of a cliff/really big hill, before the smoking ruins of the arena, watching the sunset-lit lands beneath. Legolas says something like : “We have stopped one source of evil, brother,  but there are many others in all the realms. We cannot destroy them all, but we can stop the ones that cross our path. We must fight together to help put an end to evil.” Link turns his head towards him, and nods. Legolas smiles. “I must now return to Middle-Earth, and you to Hyrule. But we will meet again, someday. And that day, we shall form an unbreakable alliance, and stamp out all the evil we can. I await that day, Elven-friend.” And with that, they turn their backs and descend the hill in opposite directions.

At the bottom of the hill, Link looks back one last time. He can see his friend off in the distance, as a tiny dot, slowly growing smaller. Then, to Link’s mild surprise, an even tinier dot detaches itself from the main dot and soars into the sky. An arrow. As it reaches its zenith, it explodes into a million shards of color. Legolas had attached one of Gandalf’s fireworks to the arrow. The points of color regroup, forming a symbol in the air.

Link can only read the runes on the bottom, which are in Ancient Hylian. They say : Hyrule and Middle-Earth. He smiles, knowing that it is a seal on the newly-formed alliance between elves.

So that’s a little story I made up. It’s not great ; but it’s basically the equivalent of flavor-text in D & D. I have a feeling most people will just appreciate it for the swatch of art, though. 😛



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  1. Very well written, great description of the scene at the arena and I love the ending, blending Zelda and Lord of the Rings. Great story.

  2. Actually, I found that story terrific; compelling, well written, good use of narrative to surface emotional aspects and context. I really enjoyed reading it.

    THIEF. 😛
    Just be more careful next time

  4. Wow good job thats awesome

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