Art 15 : Same Elf, Different Art App

I was messing around with Paint, which is the pretty low-quality drawing application, and ended up drawing the following.

Pretty much some random Elf prince, and really well done, too, considering that I made it in Paint.

Then I had the idea of doing a post comparing my work quality in Paint and my work quality in Photoshop, and used the latter to draw the exact same Elf again.


I started out just wanting to point out that you can obtain better results with more advanced material, but then got carried away with shoving in detail after detail. I mean, look at that. Look at the tunic. And the eyes… Wish it was more obvious, I think you can zoom in by clicking on the image or something, but the eyes are actually incredibly detailed. I usually don’t like to brag much, but I’d like to slap myself on the back for making this one. There are actual Elven runes on the edge of the split in his tunic, too, though you can’t actually see them, much less read them.

So anyway, there you have it. A pretty awesome, detailed picture of an Elvenprince.

I said I wanted this to be about “how the material you work with can seriously effect the quality of your work”, but I think it’s just going to be “Photoshop is so much more awesome than Paint”.



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