Art 16 : Art Collection : Zelda

I decided I wanted all the sketches I had done lately to be neatly grouped into three categories : Zelda, Lord of the Rings, and Other. Here is the Zelda art.


Link and Zelda in modern clothing.


The three goddesses as schoolgirls. Apparently Din goes to a school where students are allowed to show their belly buttons. They sure don’t at my school.


Just your typical portrait of Link. It may look a bit blurry and stuff, because I had to crop the image on account of there being spots and smudges of pencil lead, and then Photoshop zoomed in on the picture automatically. Ah well, doesn’t really matter.


Portrait of Oni Link.


Spider-Sheik, Spider-Sheik… Yeah, I can’t parody a song when I don’t know the rest of the words. It would probably be something about Deku Nuts, anyway.

Done in blue ink. That’s why it’s blue.


So, there you go. I’ll give it a few days then upload the LotR ones. Hope you like it!



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  1. Awesomeness has ensued! Liking al of these, though especially the Oni portrait for some reason. Maybe because it’s a very good design for the shape and detail, and his mien is somewhat daunting.

    Or, it may be the spider emerging from his forehead.

    Dang, that boy’s hair is _sharp_.

    The back to school look is fun, a neat experiment. I look forward to a drawing of link in his business suit, eating a hurried lunch in between meetings!

  2. love ’em, thanks!

  3. Oh my gosh I love Fierce Deity and Spider Sheik! Cool!

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