Art 17 : Art Collection : Lord of the Rings

And here is the LotR art I said I’d post.


I just decided to draw a bunch of heads depicting LotR characters. Not exactly the best representations; I mean, Aragorn actually looks kinda like a girl. The most accurate ones are, in my opinion : Legolas, Galadriel, Elrond, Frodo, The Wizards, Gimli, Gollum and The Animals. Be impressed that I remembered Theodred’s name, though. Most don’t.


Okay, so now we’re getting somewhere with character resemblance. Merry and Pippin still look pretty wacky though. But otherwise, everyone else is pretty good. Although I may have blown Frodo up a few sizes, he looks as big as Aragorn behind him. Ah well, can’t really fix that now.


Eowyn, in her White Maiden of Rohan dress, her black dress that she wore to her cousin Theodred’s funeral, and the armor she wore to the War of the Ring.

Out of the three women (Technically there are five, with the peasant mother and her daughter that rode in on a horse right before Helm’s Deep, but I don’t count them) my favorite is probably Eowyn, although she passes Galadriel only by a tiny bit. See, all three are obviously awesome and powerful; Galadriel’s an awesome psychic, Eowyn a flippin’ shieldmaiden of Rohan, and Arwen…Uh, can summon water horses, I guess, and, um, probably knows how to use a bow like every other elf…? But anyway, only Eowyn actually demonstrated her power in battle. Yeah, Galadriel’s powers aren’t exactly war powers, and I do think that they are immensely cool. But I also think Eowyn’s personality is the best. Arwen kind of has a weak personality development, in the movie anyway, and Galadriel’s personality is great, but also kind of creepy. I don’t have anything against creepy; I just think that Eowyn’s is better.

Anyway. Back to the art.


Even though Arwen is pretty much my least favorite character, that one bit in the movie where she tells Elrond to reforge Isildur’s sword is really dramatic and mystical and stuff, and the little poem or whatever that she says is immensely cool, so I decided to illustrate it.


So here I took snippets of Galadriel’s narration during the prologue, and illustrated them too. Except that while I can make Arwen look even better than Liv Tyler (in my opinion), I have absolutely no idea how to draw Cate Blanchett. Sorry, Cate.

…And my handwriting is also unreadable.


Here, I illustrate the soldiers and warriors of the various races of Middle-Earth. The tiny text next to each illustration indicate where the warrior is from. Top left : Gondorian Guard. Top right : Rohirrim Warrior. Bottom left : Rivendell soldier. Bottom right : Haradrim Spearman.


This is pretty much the same thing as the previous image, except that here we have the leaders of the same people. Left : King of Gondor. Top : Shieldmaiden of Rohan (Yes, I know that Rohan has a king, but I wasn’t going to draw two kings). Right : Lord of Rivendell. Bottom : Haradrim Leader.


So, there you go. Next up is the “Other” category. 🙂



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  1. Wow! These are all gorgeous… 😀

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