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Random Assassin sword-master person. I think what I was going for at the time was a female Assassin’s Creed-style character, with extra-long palm daggers.


This was a sketch I redrew in Photoshop, and now it makes a good bookmark! Yaaaaay.


Ariel from Aikonia. Remember her? Well. This drawing is pre-chicken form. Although she changes outfit every two comics or so, so you can’t really say “Chicken form”. Currently she is in monk-with-antlers-glued-to-her-back form.


Ariel again, this time in the white dress she wore to the ceremony at which she unleashed her beastminions. Her hands and ankles are anatomically incorrect. Gotta get used to drawing claws…


“The tale of a girl and her cube, alone with a homicidal computer in the Aperture Science laboratories.” And technically GLaDOS is her mother ; if by mother you mean Caroline’s unconscious memory loaded onto a disc powering the computer that is GLaDOS. Or something like that, anyway.


Some random warrior’s final stand. Something weird is going on with his right ankle there, though I can’t put my finger on just what…


…And some more portal. It was kinda fun drawing the miniature Chells and platforms seen from inside the portals.


So there you go. Now I would say that I’m going back to my regular schedule now, except that I don’t have a regular schedule. Nevermind.

















Good thing you scrolled down! 😉



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  1. I want that bookmark :), looks like a very cool kid.
    The Aperture Science cartoon reminds me a bit of Dresden Codak for some reason (, which is cool.

  2. I like your line work of the Random Assassin Sword-Master Person. It’s pretty neat.

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