Art 19 : TARDIS

AAAHRRGH FINALLY. Back from a looooong holiday to a place that had nor scanner nor tablet. But now I’m back, hahaa! Wow, it’s gonna take a while to sort through all my stuff that came while I was gone, but hey, it’s good to be back.

I was thinking of opening with this comic I’ve been planning for a while, but I’ve started using a different (BETTER) drawing technique which means that the comic is taking a bloody long time to finish.

So I’m giving you this art instead. See, while I was away, fifty percent of my time was spent watching episode afer episode of Doctor Who. As a result, my TV-bloated brain has been urging me to draw zillions of TARDISes.

…Okie-dokie. Bit of a psychedelia there. Oh, man, I love the smudge tool in Photoshop; it’s what I used to do the time vortex right there. It’s such a cool effect.

Okay, so I’m kinda forgetting here : TARDIS stands for Time And Relative Dimension In Space, correct? Tell me if I’m right, please.

Anyhoodle, until next time I guess.



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  1. Correct on the meaning of TARDIS!

    I will say that, as a life-long fan of SF, I was formerly a bit lukewarm on Dr. Who, but I’m loving the new show! At this point, it’s even higher in my esteem than Star Trek, and Star Trek was really, really high up there for me (in the SF TV department)!

    Nice Art!!

    • I think it was the well-thought-out, imaginative science that drew me in… but then there was Rose… I am still in denial *hides under table* It has awesome character development, too. (I miss Rose, but I kinda like Martha. They shouldn’t try to include romance with EVERY companion, though, because that’s just weird and awkward. That’s my biggest complaint about it. I’m just pretending that the ships don’t exist a lot of the time. I don’t deny the characters’ chemistry, I’m just not too keen on shipping EVERYONE WITH EVERYONE ELSE… *sigh*
      Oh, and Martha punching the Doctor after he told her to. That was when I knew I liked her. That was hilarious. And he makes really strange faces.)
      *hits self in face* You’re a writer. You shouldn’t have this many feels about it. You can do horrible things to your own characters without hesitation (though with some trepidation, I admit…) WHY ARE YOU BREAKING DOWN LIKE THIS. Stop it. You’re an idiot. Seriously. Stop it. *sigh* It’s not working… Mostly I am just annoyed when people make a mess of their own stories. Because seriously, sir or madam, you had this great concept, so you should at least try to get it right. -_-

      • Yeah, I was a little irritated by Martha’s character for the longest time because of how forced the romantic subplot seemed to be…It made Rose and the Doctor’s relationship seem more trivial or insignificant. Which wouldn’t be upsetting if they deliberately put both relationships in a light that emphasized how trivial relationships are for a theoretically immortal being; but it obviously doesn’t work that way: because of how important Rose is shown to be to the Doctor, it’s clear that hos relationships mean very much to him indeed.
        (Of course, he does tend to care an awful lot about everybody, even complete strangers.)
        But for the longest time, it prevented me from really liking Martha’s character – which a huge mistake! Martha is absolutely awesome! She’s the “smart” companion, thinking her way out of problems through logical reasoning and the information on hand! And she’s a real cold badass in a crisis from her training as a surgeon! Don’t make the same mistake I did: Martha is amazing.

        • I know! I love Martha. I just don’t like that they played up the romantic angle. So I’m pretending that maybe she had a crush on the Doctor or something but knew nothing would come of it, whatever the actual canon decides to do.
          Also, I’m not entirely sure that Rose and the Doctor’s relationship was actually entirely romantic. I think they were friends but there were times when I feel like maybe the Doctor was remembering the family he had and lost–times when he was almost paternal toward Rose. And there were other times when he acted a bit more like the eccentric uncle or the funny old family friend. It’s just enough of a peculiarity that I don’t actually ship them. It’s clear that Rose mattered quite a bit to the Doctor (and I’m also glad that it was Ten, not Nine, who lost her, because if it was Nine who lost Rose, then that would have probably ended the series, because I think Ten was a little more influenced for the better by Rose, and Nine would have just slid back into being the somewhat-unpleasant, semi-narcissistic person he started as, while Ten wasn’t quite so set in his ways–he was a bit more adaptable, I think.), but I think it was a friendship that had quite a bit more, in all honesty. I don’t know. Maybe that’s just how a romance goes when there’s that much of an age difference. After all, no matter how street-smart Rose is when she starts out, she’s still barely an adult at that point.
          I love Martha. She’s like the Watson character in this story, and I love the way they showcased her medical knowledge in a couple of the episodes. I told Iris that I don’t really want to know what happens to Martha, I just want to be happy for a little while. She said, “Yup, that pretty much sums up this fandom.” -_-
          Oh, and I meant to ask: Is Mark Gatiss naturally blond?! That was more mentally scarring than the giant scorpion monster. I’m going to have NIGHTMARES about Mark Gatiss with blond hair.

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