Art 21 : “Three” Musketeers

I’m supposed to read a bunch of books before school starts up again, and one of them is the Three Musketeers (as the title may tell you). It’s actually really good. I’m about halfway through. I can really see this being made into a terrific movie — which has already been done, I believe. D’Artagnan is a bit of a twit, and I’d like to see (read?) more of the actual three, but it’s still excellent.

And I went ahead and drew them.





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  1. Omg, love! So adore your style of drawing.

  2. It’s been made into a movie quite a few times, in fact! Some of them terrific, others… less so.

  3. Wow! Really awesome job! You draw very well! ^.^

  4. D’Artagnan always was a losse cannon and I think you captured him superbly.

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