Let’s All Be Heroes

Finished the fantasy story! It’s up on a page! Come check it out! Yaaaaay!

I think it’s great. I hope everybody else thinks it’s great, too. Oh, and I also added a Contact page. So far there’s just one hotmail address, but I think that’s enough. Now you can send your fanstuffs there. It’s actually really useful if you want to say something but can’t in the comments because it would be completely non-sequitur. Or if you want to send fan-art but can’t since you can’t put hyperlinks in comments. Or if you want to ask for a cameo in an upcoming comic. Or anything, really.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the story, etcetera, etcetera. Criticism is welcome, just nothing too troll-ish.



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  1. Happy autumnal equinox! Question: the new story, is it all 14 parts (plus Epilogue) of the Let’s All Be Heroes set of pages? I haven’t had a chance to read it, yet (life has gotten very busy on me recently), but I have a couple of administrative suggestions.

    The dropdown menu is long enough to require scrolling the page to see all choices (at first I thought it ended at Part Twelve). I’m not sure what the solution to that is… one idea might be an index or prologue page with links to each part. That might make life easier down the road as you add more stories. Or if there were some way to make the dropdown wider so the titles don’t wrap, that would reduce the length (currently most take up two lines).

    The second suggestion is to consider adding “previous” and “next” links of some kind to each page. That allows your reader to more easily flow in their reading. It might even be possible to use some cute, tiny images for the links.

    Just suggestions, for whatever they’re worth. (And are you sure about no links in comments?) 🙂

    • I can’t do the make-the-dropdown-wider thing, but the contents page idea is actually really good! I’ll work on that when I next get the chance 🙂
      Also, previous-next is cool — I tried doing that at first, but the add-a-hyperlink wasn’t working, so I gave up. It’s probably okay now, though, so I’ll work on that one too!

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