Art 22 : Of Shadow And Flame


I have been pathetically handicapped in the Network regions lately. BUT NOT ANY MORE WHEEEEEEEEEEE

Apparently the connection is supposed to be really good in our new apartment, so I shouldn’t be having any more problems for the rest of the year. I drew something really quick in Photoshop just to get the hang of it again, and here it is.

Bleeeeh reeeeally sloppy work I know. I’ll do better next time. I mean, the Balrog itself is pretty good, but its head looks all wrong, like a helmet. And the flames are done in a completely different style. And Gandalf is all blurry. And…yeah I shouldn’t whine about it too much. Just… You know what, I also wrote a short bit of poetry about Gollum escaping from the Elves. And by poetry I mean it rhymes. I came up with it in the shower in like two minutes. But I’m still going to give it to you guys out there.

Trapped are we in the dark, dark wood

We slink and we stink and we sneak

Held by the Grey with the bright, bright eyes

Who say that we rot and we reek.

But meek are the bright eyes

And clever are we

They lets down their guard

And we climbs up a tree

And we dance, and we dance,

For our Precious is free!

Yes, I know, it’s short and has an unfinished feel to it. You know what, I’m just going to be pessimistic about everything now, it’s actually kind of fun. Until next time.



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  1. Few are as hard on a work as the artist is! The poem is cute, and the illustration is evocative.

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