Art 23 : Make Her Shut Up

Not much exciting going on around here. Although it’s getting really annoying going around looking at Lotr stuff on the internet, since the whole system’s clogged up with The Hobbit trailers. I don’t want to know beforehand, guys. I want to see the movie myself, in around a year’s time, when it comes out on DVD. No having to hang around in a grimy cinema with fifty other popcorn-munching people. No spoilers. And no, having read the book does not count as spoilers.

Anyway. Here’s my interpretation of Navi the fairy.

I am rubbish at megaphones.

Also, who else here thinks that  Billy Boyd would make a good companion for the Doctor?



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  1. Ha! Too perfect. I just posted on FB the other day that at work I have this obnoxious red light that flashes whenever I get a voicemail on my phone. Sometimes I’m in the middle of another project and can’t stop what I’m doing, so all I can picture is the phone saying, “Hey! Listen! Hey! Listen! Hey!”

    Decided to nickname it Navi. 😉

  2. I avoid most trailers, too, although I do sometimes get sucked into reading articles about upcoming movies. I’m still wondering how they make that tiny book into three movies!!

    • Well, I’m guessing that a lot of the scenes that only take half a page in a book would take a couple minutes in a movie. And they may also be doing the Necromancer battle, or at least the White Council, and that would take up about a movie and a half.

      • Or maybe they’ll throw in Tom Bombadil… I missed him in the trilogy films.

        • Tom Bombadil wasn’t in the Hobbit, and they didn’t pass through the Old Forest, so it’s rather unlikely :,(

          • Tch, details, details! When has Hollywood ever cared for what was actually in the book (or not)? 😀

            (But actually I agree. It was mostly a joke (and wishful thinking) on my part!)

            My buddy made an interesting comment: Lord of the Rings was clearly a labor of love for Jackson. It seems equally clear that The Hobbit is a labor of cashing in. It will be interesting to see if the movies have that magic of love or just come off as another Hollyweird cash machine.

  3. Love this post. I remember playing Ocarina of Time and constantly thinking, “Shut up I already know that but I just can’t do that! Can I kill this stupid fairy yet?”

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