Why Hello Again

Hullo everybody. I apologize for not having done anything for the past couple weeks. I would’ve liked to say that I was “experiencing technical difficulties”, but frankly, the truth is that I was too lazy to get off my butt and make some comics. Instead I’ve been mucking around in The Sims 3 (who even plays the actual Sims’ lives? I just like making people) and browsing Cheezburger Network. In fact, I found an incredibly silly yet enjoyable Harry Potter video; ‘Avada Kadavra‘, a Lion King parody. I don’t even like Harry Potter that much. I only watched the films (the books were too badly written; I’m so picky) because some of the characters were really cool. Most of these were Death Eaters. (Snape, Bellatrix, Draco, Fred & George…)

Anyway. I’m writing a sequel to Let’s All Be Heroes. In fact I’m planning on writing a whole bunch of sequels, slap them all into one book and call it Heroes of the North Realm. The North Realm being Belecostar, if you don’t remember. I’ll probably write at least four. Just thought it fair to warn you.

Also, it’s not that I’ve run out of ideas for art and comics. I’ve got plenty of sketches in my folder. It’s just that there are so many it would take forever to scan, and they’re all on lined paper anyway. And also because I’m a procrastinating sloth who won’t even bother scanning just some of them in in.




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