Art 24 : Hunters

My friend and I are always talking and joking about how I look Elvish and she looks Dwarvish, so I drew this.


The one to the far left is this other friend who’s never actually even seen LotR, but I needed someone to be the human. No offense, Em.

Sorry about the terrible image quality, but I have a rubbish scanner. I had to darken the lines, and that made the ones I erased show up. So please ignore the blurry bow, the extra feet and the double mountain, and if you want to see the unchanged, original scan, you certainly can. It’s not as blurry in any case.

Anyway. I also have some good Doctor Who stuff I’d like to scan in, but I don’t like mashing all my posts together like that, so not today.




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  1. You know someone who has never seen Lotr!!!! 😉

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