Art 25 : Christmas Special

Merry Christmas 2012

Merry only-three-more-days-until-Christmas! Yes, I’m releasing this early because I’d probably forget to do it come the actual day. So sue me.

I recommend zooming in by clicking on it, though; there’s quite a bit of detail you can’t see when it’s full-size, especially around Midna and her helmet.

Boy that imp looks pissed off.



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  1. Does the one blue eye and one red eye attest to the duality of the character or is it just one red eye and one blue eye?

  2. Poor Midna! 😦
    (The tree doesn’t look happy either…) 😛

  3. Merry Elfmas!! And a Happy Gnome Year.

  4. Whoa that is so awesome! How do you come up with this stuff?!

    • Well, my train of thought basically went like this:
      Christmas, so let’s have a Christmas tree. What trees are there in Zelda? Deku Tree!
      Can have Link and Zelda in the tree hanging ornaments.
      Need garlands. What can I use for garlands? Hey, Midna has extendable hair or something, right? I could totally use Midna’s hair!
      Deku = Fairy = Round Baubles.
      Midna is pissed.

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