Comic 22 : Milk Cans

I's in ur ranchez, steelin ur botelz








SO. Inactive for two whole months. New record achieved, I guess. I’ve mostly been stalled due to lack of time. I probably won’t even be able to post again until the summer holidays; I might even have to cancel working on the Dungeons & Dragons backstory comics. *SIGH*


I’m not entirely sure this comic is valid, because so far I haven’t actually come across any glass milk cans at Lonlon Ranch. But hey, it’s funny and I enjoyed drawing it, so whatever.

For those of you who have never played Zelda and therefore don’t get it, glass bottles are often considered one of the most valuable and useful items in the Zelda games. It’s the only container capable of storing consumables in Ocarina of Time : bugs to dig underground, fish to bribe the giant whale beast, poes to sell to the creepy psychic guy, three different types of magic potions, fairies that automatically revive you when you die; and, of course, lonlon milk.

There are only four bottles to collect in the entire game, making them rare and valuable as well as desirable. If you could just get a giant milk can from Lonlon Ranch, it would be able to hold, like, ten fairies, and would pretty much make you invincible.

The idea is right up there with that of strapping a cuckoo to your shield to get a cuckoo swarm to beat up anyone who hits you. Which, now that I’ve mentioned it, I just might draw a comic about. Hmm.

Anyway, I now wish you a good month, as I probably won’t be posting again for a while.


P.S: The text might be a bit blurry, so you should probably click to zoom.


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  1. Haha, oh, I liked this!

  2. I’m glad you included the explanation. I was definitely in “Huh?” mode!

    No giant glass milk “cans” (too much breakage — they died out years ago), but if giants had fresh milk delivered to their door, I imagine the milk bottles would look pretty much exactly like that. Can easily imagine that other races might use the discarded (or stolen!) ones to store stuff in.

    • Yeah — and inversely, I can also picture giants using discarded milk bottles as components for items of jewelry, or possibly arrowheads (if they smashed and sharpened the glass). I imagine arrowheads made of extremely thin glass (thin when you’re forty feet tall) might actually be quite effective at getting shards of glass underneath the target’s skin.
      Of course, I have never actually crafted arrowheads, so it might actually be completely ineffective, I don’t know 😛

      • Glass is pretty hard to shape effectively through chipping. That’s why they use flint. It flakes when you chip at it just right.

        Still, a club covered with broken bits of glass would be pure nastiness!

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