Okay, I know I really, really, really shouldn’t be doing this but I am desperate, people, SO. PLEASE PLEASE can anyone tell me what the word for a bird’s claw is and NO IT IS NOT A TALON that is the claw on the BACK of the foot I need to know the word for a bird’s fingers. I know Terry Pratchett mentions it in a Discworld novel but I can’t find it SO if one of you excellent incredibly eloquent people who follow my blog — and I know there are quite a few of you — if ANY of you know what that one word is, please let me know. Thank you.



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  1. is it halus?

    Date: Tue, 21 May 2013 17:12:07 +0000 To: chs_mmm@hotmail.com

    • Don’t think so. I’m pretty sure it’s a shorter word… Could be what sc9h said, but not sure. Hm. If any of you runs across the word in a Discworld novel, let me know.

  2. I think the word could be ‘spur.’

  3. I’m not sure talon is restricted to the back claw… In any event, I can’t think of any other term, although I’ve read all the Discworld books many times. Next time I read them, I’ll try to remember to watch for the word. (Was it one of the regular Discworld novels, as opposed to one of the Young Adult or supplemental books?)

    • Yes. It may have been Sourcery, but I’ve read that one recently and I don’t remember coming across the term. It may have been Interesting Times, though I don’t know for sure. I remember the scene going:
      Character1: Wow that’s a big scary bird. Look at the size of its talons!
      Character2: They’re called _____, actually. *sigh*. Everyone gets it wrong.

      • I can stick Interesting Times in the queue, although I’m not in reading mode right now. I have been re-reading the Discworld books (something I do every few years), so when I get back to reading, it can be the next one (I need to get back to and finish Soul Music first, though).

        Interesting Times is a Rincewind novel. Can you recall the characters who spoke the lines? Or who the main characters were? That will at least narrow down the search.

        • All I remember is that the character who spoke the ‘Everyone gets it wrong’ line was male. It may have been the wizards, or it may have been a character who only appeared in that specific book. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t one of the Sam Vimes novels.

          • I wonder if it’s The Last Continent. Also a Rincewind/Wizards book, and something about that second line (esp. the *sigh*) reads like a wizard or other authority. Thumbing through it just now, the word “bird” popped out a couple times, so birds are part of the plot.

            • Hm. Maybe. I’ll read that one next and see if that’s it.

              • It’s not in The Last Continent or Interesting Times. It’s also not in The Colour of Magic or The Light Fantastic. I’ve been trying to think which other books might feature a giant bird. Moving Pictures, maybe?

                • I recently found it Unseen Academicals. The word is ‘pounces’, on a harpy. I didn’t get the quote quite right, so that might’ve been why it took so long to find. Thanks for all the help, by the way!

                  • Yay, mystery solved!!

                    And it makes me feel better… I haven’t read that one, and it’s been bugging me that I have no memory whatsoever of the bit. Now I know why, and it’s not senility! 😀

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