Born To Slay Dragons

Thirteen and a half thousand words of I-meant-to-publish-this-last-year.

Yep, that’s right: the sequel to Let’s All Be Heroes was finished last July, but somehow hasn’t been published until February. I shall tarry no longer! Here it is, in all its satirical-fantasy-glory, Born To Slay Dragons.

Here are the first couple paragraphs, presented in what I believe is called “advertising”:



                Drake strode down the dusty dirt path that led to the village gate. He was quiet as per his habit, focusing on the sights, sounds and smells surrounding him. The cruel undertones of the children’s laughter. The tired sighs of the dogs lying lazily in the sunlight. The various depths of the shadows that grew shorter as the sun rose higher. The flecks of dust in his lank hair as he swept it behind his ear.

Drake Gellcomar was a fairly odd boy, and not only because of his highly perceptive senses. More thoughtful than the other boys of his age, he cared for more than merely hitting things with large, wooden swords. Aged fifteen, he was skinny and nimble, with long, dark, greasy hair and deep black eyes. His father, Bershond Gellcomar, swore that he looked Elvish. Drake wasn’t sure of that. He hadn’t met many Elves, mostly on account of them being legendary and generally mythological beings.

Part One: Dragon-Slayer




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  1. I have a request… I’m working on a story called “Bound to the Flame,” and there’s one character in it, Prince Rowan Jaentyr of Ertraya… I have a few concept drawings, but I would like it if you could do some commissioned artwork for me? Not immediately, you understand, but when you have time; I’ll be posting my own concept artwork soon… 🙂 Please tell me if you’re interested, if not, then I understand. 🙂

    • I would be thrilled to! I actually have quite a bit of spare time on my hands which I think would be better spent drawing awesome fantasy Princes than playing Team Fortress 2 😛 If you give me details of what he looks like…Or maybe I’ll just base something off of your own concept work?

      • I’ll have the concept art posted as soon as I get this stupid chapter done… 😛 I need a good excuse to post something. ;-P But if you want to get started early, he’s very slender, has a long, narrow, elfin sort of face, is dark-eyed and has sort of reddish hair… Ertraia is located in the modern-day Scottish Highlands, but has its own traditions and language. 😉 Ertraia is one of the only kingdoms which is willing to shelter magic users; most of the royal family can use magic, and Ertraia was a haven for magic users who never abused their gifts. It’s almost isolationist, because there were so many dark magicians out there beyond its borders, so in the land at large there’s a general distrust of magic users. Rowan himself was believed to have the most potential in centuries, but unlike his adoptive brothers he isn’t out on errantry, due to an accident when he was seventeen, in which he fell from a horse and had his right leg badly broken; it never healed properly, so he walks with a limp. I kind of had the idea for the whole story after having a dream which was basically Star Wars in the setting of Brave (young Obi-Wan was the original inspiration for Rowan!), which later gained overtones from Beauty and the Beast, Tangled, and Madeleine L’Engle’s books. 😛 Sorry about the long and convoluted comment… I world-build partly by explaining things to other people… ;-P Oh, and Rowan wears a circlet rather than a crown, if he wears any sort of emblem of rank at all. 😉 I think that’s about it… 😛

        • Alright-y, then! I’ll start with some sketches, which I’ll then post and you can tell me which most resembles what you had in mind and how to tweak it so that it looks just right, K?

          • Great! 😀 So far, for Bound to the Flame, there’s the Prologue and now the first part, which contains my character drawings… it shouldn’t be hard to find. Just search “Bound to the Flame” on my blog. 😉

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