Art 36 : Melilana



Two Bound To The Flame character portraits in a row! IT MUST BE CHRISTMAS

This one’s of Queen Melilana,Β Rowan’s mother. I wasn’t entirely sure how to go about drawing her so I did a sort of young brunette Galadriel. Again, she turned out a bit younger than I intended. I guess I just suck at drawing people over thirty.

Something’s a bit odd with the proportions, I think, maybe in the diadem and certainly in the arms…Arms which I redrew over and over until my hands shriveled up and dropped off, so I’m just going to leave it as it is.



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  1. Age is mostly in the eyes, if that’s any help. Teeny little smile-lines.

  2. As usual, it’s gorgeous! I kind of did my own take on her… twice. πŸ˜› But unfortunately I can’t post either one until I have my laptop back 😦
    Still, I love it! πŸ˜€ I think it’s so interesting to see how different people imagine different characters (my Melilana drawing has straight blonde hair and brown eyes :-P) when they’re reading a book. You don’t get that watching a movie… though movies are fun too. ;-P
    My Melilana drawing also has long flared sleeves! I wonder why? ;-P Maybe because I was cheating on my foreshortening…? πŸ˜›

  3. I just posted a bunch of artwork a few days ago… including my two drawings of Melilana. Check it out!

  4. Hey, Shekiah… do you mind having a roleplay “battle” on this post? Because I’m working with shapeshifters and I want to see how a sparring match between two Negrai’eltane would come off. πŸ™‚

    • Hmm…You mean like trading quips and taunts and battle cries and so on? First I’d have to know how to roleplay a Negrai’eltane…

      • Nagrai’eltane, singular. ;-P It’s just a Shendi word for a shapeshifter. And yes… you can also put actions, in between two asterisks, like this:
        *Erin absently scrawls on her paper.* πŸ˜‰
        And there are four pertinent characters: Nadya, the falcon (who is sort of like the girl version of Han Solo, a bit, :-P) Beckra, the bear (the youngest shapeshifter,) Karyll, the raven (the most experienced,) and Verun, the wolf (who is sort of the central character, and one of the most unusual; he’s the first shapeshifter to be born without a shapeshifter parent.)

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