Art 37 : Green Monk



This started out as an attempt to do something more detailed and layered than before, but then I got to the hair and said, ‘meh’.



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  1. Interesting… any particular fandom? 🙂
    Oh, and sorry I haven’t been around so much. Nanowrimo, and work. *sigh* So annoying… anyway, more Bound to the Flame chapters are up if you want to check them out! 🙂

    • Cool!
      It’s not supposed to be anyone in particular, I just made it up as I went, like a lot of my sketches. I just thought it might be worth posting this one as it took more photoshop layers to achieve than anything else in my sketchbook.
      By the way, was there any character in particular you wanted me to portray? I’ve got some spare time in the following days, and I don’t want to waste them all playing Skyrim 😛

      • Mmm… I’m not sure. Maybe you could draw Margery? After all she’s the co-lead character… Oh, or you could do Rowan’s brothers, Fortaine and Julian. They’re pretty cool characters, even if no matter what I do they still seem underdeveloped. 😉 If you would like to do the scene where Rowan meets Margery in the camp at the Gathering at Cremlegged (Chapter II part IV), then feel free. (Hint: Rowan’s on the ground in that bit, what’s not to love? 😛 It wouldn’t be a story without the MC falling down a couple times! I mean, everyone else is falling down… except Legolas… Frodo does it 38 times according to the fan who counted, and Obi-Wan keeps getting Force-pushed into walls and things… or Force-choked… or thrown across the hold of a cargo freighter by a tattooed monster who started off as even shorter than him… *cough*)

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