Comic 26 : Prepubescent Brat



Got bored. Made comic. ‘Nuff said.




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  1. Who’s the girl? Who’s the cute (i.e. non-Legolas) guy?

  2. Woo hoo! I love this! X-D Looks awesome. X-D And I think Legolas trying to console Eowyn is HILARIOUS. Sooooooo funny… kind of OOC but fun. X-D

    • Heh, thanks. I have a lot of silly ideas like this and sometimes I enjoy drawing them. (OOC? Unfamiliar with the term.)

      • It’s an abbreviation, sort of shorthand writers use, especially those who write fanfiction… it’s shorthand for “out of character” (aka, their character in the movies and books, not how they act in silly little ideas like ours. ;-P) OOCness is to be expected in some humor formats. And by the way, I think that Legolas as a little kid was still pretty epic! X-P

        • I dunno, I thought Legolas in the book was kinda childish. Well, not childish per se, but a Tookish sort of person. Or were you referring to Eowyn? She is a lot grimmer in both the books and movies…

          • Well… He did seem very innocent, but I also thought he was quieter than anyone else in the Company, if not more mature… Except for Gandalf, he was likely the oldest person in the company! Wait. Certainly the oldest person, except maybe Gandalf. He refers to the other members of the Fellowship as “you children” in “The Two Towers” book. 😉 But I think that less-mature Legolas is funny, as is hormone-hyped Eowyn. X-P

            • Actually, I’m pretty sure Gandalf is older…I remember reading somewhere, don’t remember where, that Legolas couldn’t be older than 1000 during LotR, and Gandalf had been around since mid-2A, so…

              • I’m pretty sure Gandalf is older too… 😉
                Am working (slow but sure) on a LotR/Star Wars crossover in which Siri is an Elf-friend, Qui-Gon is nine parts out of ten Numenorean, and Anakin is clueless.
                Oh, and Obi-Wan takes on the role of Glorfindel, since the Elf-lord is mysteriously missing in the movie. I thought it would be fun. ;-P

                • Hah, oh wow, that sounds pretty cool! Hmmm…Do you think it would work if Anakin became Darth Saruman, being a good guy at the beginning but then becoming corrupted by a greater, evil force?

                  • Ooooooh! Sort of like the SW Gollum. ;-P But they will have to redeem him in the end… when the Ring is destroyed… ;-P
                    Oh, and I think I should mention… for the purposes of this story, Middle-Earth is located in the SW galaxy, and Obi-Wan’s the son of a human man and an Elf woman who was one of the only Elves who traveled outside of Middle-earth, sort of as an emissary and spy. 😉 There was an attack by space pirates and Obi-Wan’s father died; Obi-Wan was rescued by a Jedi and they did not succeed in finding or contacting his mother, so since he was Force-sensitive they named him and took him to the Temple, completely unaware that he was half Elf. Of course, he and Qui-Gon found it out, mostly by accident, because the Elf lady was still searching for her son, and then Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon wound up on Middle-Earth, where with Elrond’s help they decided that Obi-Wan would be allowed to complete his Jedi training but would still have to have some commitments in Middle-Earth… complicated, but fun. 😛 And then, the Clone Wars break out, and Middle-Earth is having the War of the Ring at the same time… and that’s when it gets crazy.
                    Oh, and in this story Obi-Wan’s just a little younger than Aragorn (so maybe eighty-five, but probably younger than that), Qui-Gon survives the Phantom Menace (and is mostly Numenorean because I thought that would be fun and besides he looks sort of like Boromir anyway!), and Anakin freaks out when they crash on Middle Earth, because in the galaxy at large most people just don’t notice that Obi-Wan doesn’t look completely human, but when Anakin suddenly realizes he goes nuts for a few moments… 😛 Siri, of course, thinks it’s hilarious. And then, too, I had a fun quote that I thought would be cool…

                    “Anakin,” Obi-Wan–Glorfindel, as he was known here, as he had just explained–said, “here, it’s not a question of whether someone is Force-sensitive–according to your understanding–or not. It’s a question of whether they allow themselves to feel the Force or not, as simple as that.”

                    What do you think? 🙂

      • I like the comic version of Legolas. It’s cute. 😛

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