Check out what I found decaying under a pile of rotting hedge clippings at the back of my sketchbook folder! It still smells kinda like socks.





My little brother came home from school once and said, “The history teacher wants us to make a film poster of the story of Romulus and Remus! We aren’t allowed to use any existing film posters.” So I offered to make one for him, and he told me who he wanted the actors to be (and I feel compelled to agree with his choice — especially since it means Sean Bean plays a character who dies, haha), and so here we are. It’s nothing glorious, I had to do it on a time limit late at night, but apparently the teacher was impressed so there.


In other news, Erin tagged me with the You-Might-Be-A-Writer-If tag, in which I have to list four to six symptoms of – surprise, surprise – being a writer. The rules are that you have to list four to six symptoms, link back to the person who tagged you, and tag a couple of other people. I’m feeling lazy, so I’ll only list four symptoms and not tag anyone. Take that, Internet! Ahem.

You might be a writer if

1. Versions of other people’s characters exist in your headcanon, going on adventures you feel you ought to write down.

2. You constantly change your opinion of the quality of your work.

3. As you read a book you’re not particularly enjoying, you begin to rewrite it in your head, deciding whatΒ should have happened, and then proceeding to talk about nothing but your “better” version at lunch for a week. Or not, because nobody probably cares / is sick of your incoherent babbling.

4. When you listen to songs, you are convinced that a story is being told, even if it just sounds like a lighthearted love song, and you spend hours poring over the lyrics to try and figure out what it is. (China Girl is about Hitler’s time-travelling hooker! Really!)


Okay, so that’s that, not much else to say really okay bye.



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  1. #3: I know how you feel! Seriously… ;-P

  2. Socks! I was wondering what that smell was… 😐

  3. Numbers one and three: πŸ˜› Winter actually didn’t start out as the result of my fangirling with Ranger’s Apprentice, but oh well. (I think his story is actually darker than R. A., though… We’re dealing with a treasonous Queen who he is supposed to protect, which makes it a… psychological drama?)

    • Moral dilemma, I’d say. He either goes through with the job or refuses on ethical principles.

      • There’s one part where he slips up, which I think will drive the story forward rather than making people hate the main character. (Tairya wants him to assassinate someone to protect her, and he’s under a lot of pressure, but he does have mercy for the person’s son, which of course she objects to, and that’s when he realizes, she’s really gone psycho!) But after that, he just walks away. She’s broken the kingdom’s all-important tenets (it was sort of like the Hollywood incarnations of Camelot; “might for right”, or maybe a bit like America in the way its beliefs are important to its politics; that’s not supposed to be arrogance or anything, it’s just that America was founded with a specific set of principles in mind, perhaps even more so than other nations which have been around longer. Maybe it’s not the only example, but I think it’s probably the most recent one… Though, now people are violating the ideals of America left and right, which I think is horrible and sad.), and now Winter’s oath can be considered null. He ends up in the civil war, leading the side that is determined to remove her from the throne. Though, these are the people who are determined to pray for her each night before bed still. πŸ˜‰
        I’m kind of enjoying this idea. Rather than a rebellion, I’m calling this a civil war…. πŸ˜‰ And the sequel has one of the most exciting premises I’ve ever written in a fantasy novel, I think.

        • Wow…That actually sounds like a really awesome concept…
          Hm. Did he keep the pretence of being her guard? I know he probably didn’t, but realistically it would have been a pretty useful cover.

          • He did, for a while, but eventually his cover was blown and he had to make a run for it. Of course, when he did, he did sort of dramatically announce to the whole kingdom that she was a traitor, since his cover was blown anyway. ^_^ *squees and tackleglomps poor unsuspecting Winter* I’m just having way too much fun with this novel! X-D …. and now I’m ending up hugging the breath out of my own characters… *goes and hugs Bershond instead, for no reason* πŸ˜›

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