Hang On a Second



Take a look at this.

Got it?

Now take a look at this.

Now, I don’t know about you, but…

…Nintendo may actually have been listening to Diaz.

Don’t you think?



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  1. Wouldn’t it be nice if, to shake things up a bit more, you could choose which character to play as?

    • Nah, then you’re entering the realm of turn-based RPG, and Nintendo already has Final Fantasy for that.

      • Ohhh… That’s a bit confusing. But taking turns isn’t all that fun. 😛 So, they can’t program an entirely separate journey for the player if they choose a different character in the space of the game’s coding? That makes sense. (Like my camera card running out of memory space, which is so annoying.)

        • Well, you could do that, but then you’d be making two entirely different games. So it would be much easier and much, much more profitable to just literally make two separate games. Unless, that is, if by different character you just meant a different character to play as but with ultimately the same storyline, because loads of games do that. Heck, that’s practically the definition of open-sandbox games – a completely open world to explore and make the choices you want, build the character you want, join the sides you want. Skyrim and Minecraft are the best examples of this I can think of.
          The thing with those games, though, is that the plots tend not to be so complex: you can give the player infinite options, but there’s only so much code you can write. So the plots are either “a series of simple objectives” or just no plot at all.
          Games like Zelda are loved because they tell rich stories and feature beautiful and unique artwork and soundtrack. As a writer, I’m sure you know that most stories rely heavily on the main character being, well, the main character. They’re not interchangeable is what I mean. So either Link is the hero or Zelda is the hero, or maybe they’re both the hero, but it wouldn’t make sense for you to be able to choose between them.

          • Ahhh… I see. That makes sense. Thanks for explaining. 🙂
            So, they may be creating an entirely separate storyline for this game, unconnected to the others? That’s neat–it’s almost having an alternate universe that is also canon! (It’s ironic–some of my stories have several alternate endings….)

            • They might be…But the way the Zelda games work is, almost every day stars a different incarnation of Link, in a different place in the Zelda timeline (which already has multiple splits down the middle). So sometime Link will have dark hair instead of blond, and sometimes he’ll be kinda short or have a big nose. But he’ll always be recognizable, and he’ll always be Link. Same with Zelda and Ganon (the main villain). The games all follow a pattern, but they (almost) all star different Links and Zeldas. So if Zelda is the hero of her own game, then it’ll just be another split down the timeline, only with the roles reversed.

              • Oh, okay. That makes more sense. *bangs head on wall* Stop being an idiot, Erin.
                *sighs* I don’t think it’s working. *wanders off to find Rowan and ask him to force me to study instead*

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