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How long has it been? A month? Three? Anyway, this is just to let y’all know that I ain’t dead. Wishing real horrorshow summers to all.



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  1. I was pretty bummed about how Serenity ended! Talk about a sequel-killer!!

    • Yeah…I imagine that if they ever decided to bring the series back, they’d have to treat Serenity like some sort of spin-off. I can maybe-sorta see the series without Book, I mean, he was the voice of reason and all, but never actually did anything. However, I can’t picture the series without Wash.
      Although…If they did a sequel, it could be, “ten years later, Wash and Zoey’s kid is growing up on a moon on one of the central belts. Mal and Zoey have found out about some Star Trek III-esque way of resurrecting their dead crewmates, and have been after that for a few years, leaving the kid (let’s call him Tyr) to be looked after by Kaylee. So the kid is being raised in a ship-repair-yard-type-place.
      Miranda Day or whatever is a thing now, people remember about when the truth was let out, and Serenity’s crew have become more-or-less well-known. So when Tyr says he’s Hoban Washburne’s kid, nobody believes him. Meanwhile the Tams have become a sort of legend, the sort told to small children to make them fall asleep – the Doctor and his Patient, the Angels of Life and Death, they have many names. Parents tell their children that, if there’s ever a bogeyman under their bed, Simon Tam will make the fear go away, and then River Tam with brutally murder the bogeyman. That kind of legend.
      So the story starts when Tyr wakes up in the middle of the night to see a ship has landed, white light and smoke pouring from the hatch like every early sci-fi spaceship ever, and two figures dressed in black standing in the light. Kaylee comes out to meet them, Simon tells her that Important Mission Bla Bla Plot, and Tyr sneaks on board the ship and Stuff Happens.”
      WOW that was long…Maybe I’ll get around to drawing it, hmm.

      • I have no idea what you were talking about, but that sounds really really cool! 😀

        • Thanks!
          I think that anyone who loves Star Wars would really love the feel of Firefly. It’s like another “Space Western”, only really really heavy on the “Western”. I mean look at them, they all carry shotguns and pistols and dress the part. The clever (and quotable) writing, though, is what I believe made it so popular.
          If you decide to see it, though, fair warning: it only ran for one season, and when you’re through watching that there’ll be a hollow, empty place in your heart you didn’t realise was there.
          TL;DR: Firefly is awesome, go check it out!

          • They even talk western, “Yes, mam.” I get that hollow feeling every time I watch the DVD of that lone and lonely season. The irony is that there’s a rule of thumb about science fiction TV shows that, once they start doing western episodes, that signals the death of the series (due to writer’s running out of ideas).

            But in the same way that Shaun of the Dead is actually a romantic comedy that happens to include zombies, Firefly was a western… IN SPACE!. Totally different concept! 😛

            As for GoT, at the risk of offending, I’d recommend avoiding it. I sat through three seasons before my mind rebelled (mostly due to Peter Dinklage’s Tyrion — the one educated, intelligent character in the whole damn thing). GoT is like the worst of the Borgias plus the worst of Henry VIII plus a thin veneer of science fiction cliches. (Oh, look, dragons and zombies!)

            If you like lots of awful people doing awful things to each other, then GoT sure delivers. Me, I filed it in the “Vile Crap” bin. It’s “SF” for people who don’t get SF.

            • Huh. I’ve never seen Game of Thrones, or read A Song of Ice and Fire, but I always sort of assumed it was Generic High Fantasy – I would compare the style I’m talking about to Eragon, but I’ve never actually read Eragon either, I’m just going by what I’ve been told.
              But if it’s a high fantasy story with a sci-fi plot pattern…then that just doesn’t make sense.

              • Well, it’s essentially fantasy. What I meant by a thin veneer of SF was that it’s almost a straight Medieval court-intrigue and battles plot, but has some dragons thrown in along with a dash of black magic and some ice-zombie types. First three seasons had almost none of those elements — just enough to (barely) qualify as fantasy — but apparently those things get more prevalent as the plot wears (and I do mean wears) on. I think the author, Martin, is up to book 1,058 or something…

                You should take what I say with a grain of NaCl… it’s on my “actively hate” list, so I’m admittedly a bit biased. But I’m so sick of rampant violence (GoT drips with gore) and evil “heroes” and gratuitous sex (hey, it’s cable!) and generally stupid human behavior, that I can’t find much to like. Dinklage’s character is almost literally the only educated, intelligent, likeable character in the whole story, so… meh. Actually, ugh!

                My sister loves it, and my sister’s never read an SF or fantasy book in her life (unless it had angels), and that says a lot to me.

            • Also, while I tend to agree on the whole ‘never do a western episode’ rule of thumb, I actually thought ST:TNG’s A Handful of Datas was, while very, very silly, still quite enjoyable. Though to be fair, when you’re Gene Roddenberry’s brain-child of a series, you can get away with just about anything.

              • Agreed! I actually had that episode (A Fistful of Datas — a bow to the classic spaghetti western A Fistful of Dollars) in mind as an exception. That was a season six episode, and that show cranked out great episodes throughout its seven-year run.

                As a counter episode, consider the TOS ep, Spectre of the Gun! 🙂

                Or much of the original Battlestar Galactica. We used to call it “Battlestar Ponderosa”! 😀

                Did you ever read my Why I Hated the Holodeck article? You might get a kick out of it. The TNG episode we’ve mentioned is cited.

                • Yeah, I read it. I found all your reasons to hate it perfectly valid – Moriarty always bothered me quite a bit – but I can’t bring myself to hate it because Oh My Frog It’s A Freaking Holodeck, I Want One So Bad.

                  I’ve actually only ever seen three episodes of the Original Series, so I haven’t heard of Spectre of the Gun. It’s a source of continual shame, but I don’t think I’d enjoy watching it nearly as much as I enjoyed TNG.

                  • Oh, you haven’t really missed anything. It’s quite possible you wouldn’t get into TOS that much. I think I was roughly your age when it aired originally, was totally into SF already at that point (thanks to an ancient invention, called a “library” 🙂 ), so TOS was like manna from heaven.

                    It still retains a special spot in my heart, and I have a fondness for that crew, but I’d have to admit TNG was far superior in almost every way.

          • 🙂 Cool! I’m not sure if my dad will let me watch it, though. I only just watched Spiderman (the one with Tobey Maguire, I don’t know why I remembered his name, I normally can’t remember actors names at all), and it was awesome but it also freaked me out… And then we finished watching the Extended Editions of LotR for only the second time around… and I went and mulled over my illustrated Silmarillion and cried because it’s just so beautiful and… *sigh* I wish I could draw like that…

            • Well, there’s no blood and no-one ever swears (except, I think, for the rather quite mild “crap” and the either made-up or Chinese “gorram”), and the only thing remotely like nudity is in the first episode, where there are two people you can tell are making love because a) they are in a bed and b) the guy isn’t wearing a shirt. So I don’t see why your dad wouldn’t be perfectly fine with it.

  2. I loved the way you drew your expression in the “Exams” picture. Perfection! 😀
    “Oh, look at that. I’ve been impaled.” 😛 Peoples gets impaled in Aikonia too… *blushes and lowers head* Yes, I did go read it… 😛

    • Hah! I feel vaguely honoured.
      (Tiedrich is one of the best comic artists I have encountered, and I feel Aikonia died when she left.)
      Syd and Mar were more-or-less my favourite characters. Wash (guy who gets spiked) was one of my favourites in Firefly, too. So I guess I should never, ever, ever watch Game Of Thrones.

      • 😉
        I don’t know enough about art–that is, different modern styles–to really appreciate it, I fear. Though I did notice that the depictions of fabric were really better when Tiedrich was doing it…
        I am so tired right now, it’s not even funny… *sigh*
        I tried and failed epically at my last drawing. Still need to work on crying and screaming people, though at least my poor model did look distraught… he just didn’t look like himself being distraught. 😛

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