Sunshine Award, aka. Aww Noooo Not Another One

Awards! How do I keep getting awards? I don’t think I’ve actually posting anything of any remote significance for the past couple months, yet these things keep popping up out of nowhere! Awwight, here goes. (Again, not nominating anyone because *obscene gesture* to other people.)

Anyway, here it is. In all its glory.You should be seeing a big bright happy picture here, but you're not. Scotty is on it already.


Oh, and it just occurred to me, but to show that I’m in the spirit of things here’s an appropriately sunny image.

Because you can never have enough Homestuck. Yes, I just completed the entire story thus far within the past week, and yes, it was glorious.

So! Standard procedure, five facts about yourself, and the answers to five questions. Of course, you’re supposed to come up with five questions ad nominees of your own, but as previously mentioned, *appropriate swearword* protocol.


1. The Homestuck orgy I mentioned? Fact number one.

2. I’m gonna cheat and make 2 about Homestuck as well, cause then I don’t have to think so hard. Bottom line: the Strider brothers are objectively the best. It is an immutable fact of the universe.

3. There must be a word for what colour my eyes are. I’m just not finding any. Ochre? Hmmmm.

4. Life  On Mars? is not a tough piece on the piano. I thought it would be, but…K, not really sure where I’m going with this? Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

5. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Okay, I guess I’m doing another Homestuck thing. You know the thing I said about the Strider brothers? I favour one over the other. But I won’t say which, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHyeah it’s totally Dave, how do you people even care anyways.


Questions! This oughtta be good.

1. If you had to choose between the Doctor, Sherlock, Merlin, Luke Skywalker, Matthias, Jim Hawkins, and Sir Percy Blakeney to go on an unexpected and otherwise completely unpredictable adventure with, who would you choose?

Well, I don’t know who Matthias or Sir Blakewhatsit are, but I don’t think it matter because you basically just asked me wanna go mess around with  bunch of pirates or travel literally anywhere in space and time, except for 1930’s Manhattan for some reason? Hrrmm yes let me give it a good long thinkoh for the love of EruTHE DOCTOR OKAY

2. Who would you be more likely to say “You’re weird!” (complete with exclamation point) to: Obi-Wan, Anakin, Sherlock, Watson, the Doctor, Merlin, or Halt? (If you would be most likely to say “You’re weird!” to Halt, then you have my undying respect. Either you are very brave, or just plain crazy.)

I don’t know who Halt is, but since nobody else on that list is weird I’m gonna go with Halt.

3. Do you wear socks to sleep in? (You’d better bet your fluffy bedsocks you do, young’un, wot?!)


I don’t



are sleep socks…Is that a thing? Is that a thing that started being true? I mean, I wear socks to sleep like any sane person this far from the equator…Er. I have a feeling that’s not what the question was about.

4. What is the best plot you’ve ever had that originated in a dream? (Yes, a sleeping dream. Daydreams don’t qualify. Sorry, Sir Percy.)

I don’t remember most of my dreams. I know that in a particularly recent awesome one I kicked a whole lot of ass and delivered a few dream one-liners, but I have absolutely no recollection of it. 

5. Have you ever been to Boston in the fall?

Uuurrrgghhhhghgh. Veggie Tales? Really? Have we truly, as a species, stooped this low?

Fine. As far as I know, No, I have never been to Boston. That’s not definite, though, because at the time I was born my parents were living in…that general vicinity, not saying where…So maybe? Iono.


And now, since I have already displayed Sportsmanship with the Sun-Related Paraphernalia earlier, I will make up for not nominating anyone by Doing A Whole Lot Of Other Stuff With Questions. Namely, answering the question my nominator was asked, and asking a few for the general public of y’all. So.

1. You’ve got one day left of your life. What would you want to do?

Find out why. Fix that. Achieve immortality. Ride into the sunset on a frickin’ rocket board, yo.

2. Pirates or ninjas, and why?

It has always been ninjas, without question. They are just infinitely cooler. I guess stealth has always been a thing with me? Even in Skyrim, the first skill I max out is stealth. Also, if I had to make a list of my top whatever favourite swords, katanas would definitely be in there somewhere. *Homestuck link related to katanas*

3, If you were turned into one of the Avengers, which one would you be most like?

If we go with literal similarities, then I probably resemble Black Widow the most, because I’m female, and also the aforementioned stealth thing. I am also fond of martial-arts style ass kicking. Heads up, that’s the exact same link as just now.

If I got to pick, though? I’d probably go with Thor, mostly because Norse mythology is my favourite. It’s just so awesome you guys

4. What are your top three favorite Bible characters, and why?

Aw, man, a favourites question. Hm. I’m assuming you mean besides Jesus? King David, because he kicks all kinds of ass, and also because he was pretty much the only one who kept his sh*t together and didn’t devolve into evil at any point, except for that one time he had that guy killed, but he felt bad about that like right away after.

Daniel is super awesome too, he’s like the Bible’s Gandhi or something, haha I’m not making any sense am I.

I guess Enoch, because he has a cool name and basically never died ever. Yes, those were completely arbitrary reasons, I hate picking favourites okay? Uh. Except, you know, with the whole Strider thing earlier. Disregard direct contradictions of my own declarations.

5.(I’m going to be evil, too) What is your favorite book?

OH NOES HOW WILL I EVER FIND THE ANSWjust kidding you guys it’s lord of the rings


And now! I will ask five questions, as per my former bargain, for anybody to answer as they please, ’cause hey it’s like flippin’ Christmas all up in here, maybe there’ll be free apple juice at the end. Or maybe we’ll all get cake. X2 SUPER REFERENCE COMBO YEEEAAHH

1. Norse gods! If you were a Norse god, which one would you be? (Me, I guess I’d probably be Iduna, all chillin’ with my magic apples yo and not givin’ a carp) (that was dumb)

2. Back to Homestuck, because try as I might I can’t stop thinking about it. I’m not actually trying anyway. I’m am at this moment listening to the soundtrack and nodding my head and stuff. Anyway, if you were a superhero, would you want:

-Windy Powers (total control over the wind, plus the ability to become wind any time you wanted, plus any other uses for windy powers you can think of)

-Lighty Powers (control over light I guess? I don’t really know how Rose’s powers work so actually skip this one) (I think it means you’re a guide-type thing?)

-Timey Powers (wibbly wobbly, timey wimey. As much time travel as you want, as long as you’re able to keep stable time loops) (X3 SUPER REFERENCE COMBO HECK YES)

-Spacey Powers (shrink stuff, grow stuff, telekinesis)


-Lifey Powers (resurrect anyone, once per person, as long as you’re within range)

-Voidey Powers (pull basically anything out of the void of possibility and into reality, but it’s really hard to get the hang of and the more complex the item the harder it is to pull through) (also invisibility)

-Hearty Powers (Dirk’s title as the “Prince of Heart” could loosely be translated as “Devourer of Souls”. Check it out. Devourer. Of. Souls.) (it kinda takes a while though, so it’s not super practical it the heat of battle)

-Hopey Powers (the power of hope and friendship and love and no seriously I have no idea what Jake’s powers really do, disregard again)

So pick two of those powers, one from 2. and one from 3. , except I guess Light and Hope because I still have no gorram clue what those do. X4 SUPER REFERENCE COMBO AWW YEEEESSSSSS

4. What made you stumble across my untidy little blogspace in the fist place?

5. There is no question five. I am altering the deal. Pray I do not alter it further. X5 QUINTUPLE KICKASS REFERENCE SUPERCOMBO TABLE FLIPPIN’ YEAH




(If you want my answer to question 2/3, I think I’d either pick Time/Heart, and not just because those are the Strider powers (soul stealing is another cool thing I like to do in Skyrim, and time travel is just the best), or Space/Void because that seems to be the most practical combination (summon a little rock ’cause it’s easy, then make it huge and drop on an army)(actually why don’t Jade and Roxy do exactly that? If I see that happen I will be so thrilled))



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  1. 😛 I’m done torturing you now. 😛
    I’d probably have time powers… I think. It was kind of annoying to me that the song in “Tangled” had the line “make the clock reverse” but there was no time travel in that, I mean, what’s the fun in that?! Why couldn’t Disney take it even farther out and have the story be about a teenaged time traveler who uses her powers to escape from her manipulative excuse-for-a-mom (aka Gothel)? PLEASE DISNEY WHY CAN’T YOU SINCE YOU MADE YOUR OTHER LIVE-ACTION FAIRY TALE REMAKES SUCKY PLEASE GIVE US THIS ONE WISH!
    Oh, wait, never mind, too late, Disney, the idea’s mine. I’m writing it. BWAHAHAHAA. (Though I might do multiple rewrites of the same fairy tale… >:-D )
    Let’s just be crazy together, Sheikah. ‘Cause my mind is whirling in orbit around something else at the moment, and let me tell you, it’s nowhere in Star Trek or even the Galaxy Far Far Away… I don’t even know what it is!!!

    • Perhaps your mind time-travelled without taking you with it? 😛

      In any case, I would very much like to see a Disney movie – a proper, animated, princess-starring Disney movie – that implemented time travel. Just: YES.

      • That sounds like it might have been what happened! 😛 Since I actually can remember being on a ship with Mr. Hornblower, but my mind rationalizes it as being a dream. 😛
        YES!!!!! X-D That would be so totally awesome! Let’s email someone at Disney with the idea… or something!!! (I’m still writing my own version, though. ;-P Maybe they won’t want to do such a story until after it’s proved that it will be a success by being published…)

        • If you have any ideas, let me know; I’d love to illustrate something like that! I’m picturing perhaps an east European setting for a change? Romanian mythology is actually pretty cool, I bet they could work with that theme really well.

          • YES!!! Eastern European? I will have to research that more! Yay! Cue more time at the library! 😉 I’ve been thinking about expanding my cultural influences for my stories… I just wasn’t sure what to do next!
            By the way, was it you I was talking to about doing a Rapunzel story where it’s the prince up in the tower? I seem to remember that it was… And there were cultural reasons for the long hair. I wonder how Rapunzel washed her hair… we never saw that in Tangled… she probably needed Gothel’s help. I feel doubly cheated by that movie now!

            • No, it wasn’t me. Though I would be more concerned about how she kept the hair from tearing her scalp from her head…
              I once read a book based on Romanian legend…It was fairly faerie-centric, involving vampires who were more like shadow beings than Stoker’s Dracula, as well as a wish-granting witch – a boy wished to be king of a lake, and was turned into a frog. The story is about his cousin who rediscovers the faerie kingdom and defeats the corrupted ruler, or something like that. As you can imagine, it sounds right up Disney’s alley. It seemed as though lanterns and other light-in-the-darkness themes were quite significant. I believe the book was called “Wildwood Dancing”, if you wanted to check it out.

              • Okay…. I seem to recall talking to *someone* about it…
                Actually, I’ve looked it up and there are people who grow their hair out to ankle length and the weight isn’t too much. After that I figure it would be just dragging on the ground (which would get it dirty, but still…), and the weight wouldn’t be that bad. Besides, normally when I think of Rapunzel, I don’t think of a blonde girl stuck in a tower with a gypsy looking woman (OH look, now Tangled is racist as well. >:-D), I think of someone with just normal hair either twisted or braided, then slung around her shoulders and possibly pinned to her clothes.
                I’ll have to check it out. 😀
                Oh, man…. I don’t want my fantasy to be too… groundless. *sigh* Grrr. I’ve got parts from the movie adaption of “Bridge to Terabithia” swirling around in my head with “The Neverending Story” and “Seaward.” (It was a mistake to read “Seaward.” I was supposed to read “The Neverending Story” for school. *sigh*) And that’s just how those movies/books feel; there’s not enough concrete to hold onto. Unexplained I can handle. Impossible to grasp I can’t.

                • When hair is ankle length, then sure, it just weighs down a bit. But when it’s around thirty metres long, long as a tower is tall? That stuff is heavy.
                  You want groundless fantasy? Read a Tom Holt book and get back to me. 😛 It is annoying, though, when your story seems to be deliberately ignoring all logic…It’s hard to figure out what’s going on, as well as difficult to relate to the character’s situations. The Neverending Story confused the heck out me as a child, and I would advise not to try and write a story like that unless you’ve got awesome characters to make up for it 😀

                  • I know how that feels… I’m just bouncing ideas around these days, trying to procrastinate around the novels I’m actually supposed to be working on. 😛 And then burning through paper like it’s on fire.
                    I don’t really like disorienting stories, but maybe eventually I’ll write a novel with a “group” as confusing as the Sidhe from Merlin…

                    • I don’t know who they are, but I can’t figure out how to pronounce their name, so I guess they’re really confusing! 😛

                    • “Shee” is the phonetic spelling. 😉 They’re fairies, but their culture is a bit different from the pixie hollow that we’re familiar with thanks to Disney… that’s why I like it. Actually, I looked them up and found a whole bunch more about them. They can be hostile to humans, and they (at least in Merlin) have their own whole set of morals which are completely incomprehensible to humans (I think they called it “blue and orange morality” in the article), which makes the theory that they are former angels who refused to pick a side in the war between Michael and the angels loyal to God and the ones loyal to Satan less credible. Anyway, most of the material is from Irish and Scottish traditions. The Sidhe are actually pretty interesting in the series, too, since their spells are all in Old Irish. (Normal spells are in Old English, and Dragonlords’ commands are in Greek. It’s a pretty cool legendarium. 😉 ) Also, you can’t properly form an alliance with them, since they have their own ideas and goals going on.
                      I find it a little strange because “Sith” (which we pronounce like the bad guys) is also a spelling variant of Sidhe. I wonder how that works out for Gaelic-speaking Star Wars fans… 😛

  2. I agree 100% with your answer to Erin’s 1st question.

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