Homestuck Greentikes


WOO finally finished this! Main Homestuck cast lineup, all wearing their starter tees. Or I don’t know what they’re really called, the t-shirts they start out in which have their respective symbols on them. These lineups are awesome, I’ll do some more sometime. Also, to clarify, because I’m pretty that none of you regular followers read Homestuck: the symbols in the background correspond to each characters’ God Tier attribute. By God Tier, I mean that each of them has a specific “role” or “station” (I forget what the real word is, you could drown in Homestuck’s vernacular) – they’re all the X of Y. In order, left to right:

John Egbert, the Heir of Breath (hence the windy pattern)

Rose Lalonde, the Seer of Light (hence the sunny pattern)

Dave Strider, the Knight of Time (hence the cog thing)

Jade Harley, the Witch of Space (hence the…actually that one makes no sense)

Hope that serves as an explanation of sorts to the uninitiated.

In any case, this was a bit of a tricky one, since I’m better at coming up with my own designs than working off of existing ones. It wasn’t as hard as most other times, as the characters are rendered in a rather simple manner – though as I already mentioned, I had trouble with Jade‘s interpretation.

The challenge was, surprisingly enough, mainly in the colours: the characters are rendered in black and white that’s the same link as before so don’t click it twice, which raises questions such as “Dave is clearly blond, but how blond should I make him?” or “Since Jade lives out in the middle of the pacific, how dark should her skin be?” (Turns out the answers were: “This blond” (lots of experimenting with this one, wish I’d saved screenshots, still not that happy with results) and “Not dark at all, actually. Maori!Jade looks weird.”)

So there you go. The Homestuck Beta Kids, outrageously in colour. Merry Christmas-In-August.



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    • I can’t seem to figure out what to post next on my blog. :-/ Thanks to college… I’m kind of… stuck. 😦

      • Collegestuck? 🙂
        I’m sorry to hear that! I feel the same way a lot – though I guess it’s not as intense since it’s still just highschool? In any case, my advice is as follows. If you really feel like you’re bogged down by college stuff, try to relax as much as possible during your spare time. In fact, try to join as many clubs and extracurriculars you’re comfortable with; it actually helps take your mind off of work instead of creating extra tension! And if you feel your blog is starting to become a chore, take a break for a while. Breathe. Post when it naturally occurs to you, but don’t force yourself to fill the blanks between posts. Personally, I sometimes like to just sit back and listen to music when I have a moment, but that’s just me 🙂

        • Haha, yeah… 😛
          Okay. Thanks for the advice…. I need to go work on my novel, but hopefully it’s come un-stuck by now because I was having a hard time proceeding, mainly because I have a long space of time (fifteen years!) that I want to bridge using a sort of collage-type thing, but I need to keep readers going during it, so I need to work in a few more assassination attempts and blah blah blah before we get into the really juicy stuff…

          • Whoa. Yeah, fifteen years is a long timeskip! Hm. In my experience, a montage is kind of a tricky thing to pull off…I dunno, maybe you’d be better off just skipping directly into the future? I just get the feeling saying “three years later…And then two years after that…” might not be the most thrilling thing to read. If you keep the anecdotes short, though, it would probably run pretty smooth!

            • I think I’m going to keep it short and try and keep up a pace, in order to keep it moving… I’m not even going to include dates, maybe it will keep them reading if they’re guessing “okay, now how old is Tairya now?”
              Also, I plan on interspersing a few longer scenes with Winter protecting Tairya, just because I want to remind the readers that she’s still being threatened by Lord Tyrmont. Ooooh, now who can I kill off on Winter’s watch… *rubs hands together* Maybe this other serving girl who wasn’t supposed to be there in the first place and totally has no spot to be in the second act? MWAAHAHAHAHA!!!!

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