Best Blogging Buddies Award

Yes! Hello! Been a while. Again.

Anywayyyyy, I was nominated for this absurdly-named award by the excellent writer Erin over at the Upstairs Archives. I’m supposed to answer fifteen questions then nominate a bunch of other people, but unfortunately, as is the fate of nigh all awards to spiral their way into the dead and dusty abyss that is my interest in such matters, I won’t be nominating anyone. Because. Just…Because.

No picture for this one, sooo…Here’s a thing I did, literally right after typing that ellipsis.


Erin nominated me for my artwork, so that is what I am giving you today. GAZE UPON ITS MAGNIFICENCE.


1) If society was clipped up Divergent-style and you had to pick a faction, which of these factions would you choose: Truth Seekers (scholars, archaeologists and explorers), Protectors (military and police forces), Aristocracy (leaders and rulers), or Underworld (spies, black-ops units)?

Totally the Truth dudes. I’ve never seen Divergent (and have no intention of doing so), but knowledge and truth is pretty much all I hold sacred. Kickass Spy Dudes come in close second, though.

2) Are you more like Sherlock or Mycroft Holmes? (Be honest and objective! :-P)

Not sure. I don’t enjoy dealing with people too much, and I tend to show off, but I’m also no hero-type.

3) For the library aficionados, what book do you not own that you would like to read again?

Hmm. I don’t rent books out much from libraries, but of the ones I have, definitely either Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency (Douglas Adams, yessssss), American Gods (classic Neil Gaiman) or Anansi Boys (American Gods sequel/spinoff).

4) If you could re-write any pop culture catchphrase, which one would you re-write and what would it mean in its new form? 😉

In times of war, every time land would be captured, the side doing the capturing would have to announce that “all your base are belong to us”. Fundamental rule of war etiquette.

5) What’s your number one underdeveloped character in a published work? (I mean, who is your favorite character that you wish the author had developed more?)

My first thought was, “I wish we’d seen more of Legolas and Gimli’s adventures post-War of the Ring”, but there are so many possible answers to that question…

6) Frozen or Rise of the Guardians? Why?

Rise of the Guardians, because it was superior in so many ways…To name a few, in no particular order: the characters were far more original and likeable; the villain wasn’t a walking, breathing cliché; the artwork and animation was more stylistically appropriate and pleasing; the whole concept of a team of childhood legends is fantastic, and reminds me of Pratchett’s Hogfather; in fact, the entire film had a Pratchetty sort of feel to it…

7)Tangled or Brave? Why?

I actually didn’t particularly enjoy either of those films – I’m not much of a Disney person. They both had cringe-inducing plot hacks and generic asinine princess protagonists. I did like the whole “glowy” atmosphere Tangled had (for lack of a better adjective, or a real one for that matter); but I’m going to have to go with Brave, because Celts.

8) Do you prefer birdwatching or stargazing? Why?

Stargazing. I’ve never actually been birdwatching, but that’s for a reason. It’s far more self-fulfilling to lie back and stare up at an empty dome punctured by tiny points of light – I love getting lost in the vastness of it all. This summer, we were in New Zealand, which is one of the best parts of the planet from which to stargaze. The stars aren’t so much like points in the sky as twisting swathes of white gossamer.

9)Favorite Lion King character and song!

Disney again? I’m sensing a trend.

When I was little, I really like Timon, I guess because he was pretty much the only good guy who had any sort of control over the situation at any given time, despite being the comic relief character. Also because he was the witty sarcastic one, and also because he was ginger maybe? *shrug*

And as for song…I’m gonna go with Be Prepared. Think that one was my favourite as a kid too.

10) When you’re about to leave the house, what’s the first thing you grab?

Notebook notebook notebook notebook notebook

I tend not to lave the house without at least two.

11) Do you prefer the forest, mountains, or ocean?

Can I have a forest on a mountain slope? No? Hmm. That makes it tough.

I guess forest if it’s an old, deciduous forest – hang on, let me scribble something amazing again –



That is EXACTLY the kind of forest I was talking about

…And mountain I guess if they were like the Alps, because the Alps rock.

12) Do you sing in the shower?

Used to. Then we moved into an apartment.

it echoes in there

13) Gardening or fiber crafts (sewing, knitting, embroidery, crochet) or sports? Favorite sport?

Knitting. I…I don’t get out much.

14) Do you have a particular official spot where you hang out with friends? (Mine was the library in my hometown. Now it looks like being Barnes&Noble, since it’s close to the university…)

Like I said, I don’t get out much, so mostly when I hang out with my friends it’s on the highschool grounds somewhere, usually the café because they make the best pretzels.

15) Apples, oranges, grapes, or strawberries?

I…Uh…What? Umm.

I guess if the question is “which of these is your favourite fruit”, I’d have to go with Anything But Grapes. Because they have the worst of seeds, not as annoying as pomegranates but close.

Aaaaaand, to make up for not nominating anyone, I’ll go ahead and answer a bunch of questions Erin was asked, because I don’t care enough to make up for it properly.

1) What is your favorite TV show?

Doctor Who, but Star Trek: The Next Generation and Firefly come close.

2) First song that pops into your head right now?

Candles and Clockwork. No idea why.

3) What are three guilty pleasures of yours?

Instant noodle cups, drawing my friends when they’re not looking, reading like fifty webcomics instead of doing any actual work.

4) Chipotle, Subway, Taco Bell, or McDonald’s?

Subway. I’ve only ever eaten at Subway and McDonald’s, but from what I’ve heard about the other two there isn’t much contest.

5) What is one thing that not many know about you?

Moths are my favourite insect. Did you know most people are freaked out by moths? I didn’t know that until we started studying their significance in I’m the King of the Castle in literature and I was the only one who spoke up.

6) If you could choose anyone, who would you pick as your mentor?



7) If you had to change your first name, what would you change it to?

Huh. Names have never meant all that much to me, so I’m not entirely sure how to answer this question. Something like Orchid or Serenity, maybe. Dirk if I were a guy, because Dirk is such a great name, it’s a dagger and a name at the same time and blah blah blah trying to distract you so you don’t notice I’m not actually answering the question blah.

8) Where’s Waldo?

Behind you. Don’t look or he gets you.

9) What is your ideal boyfriend/girlfriend?

Glub, one of Those Questions. Okay, I guess “brains” would be pretty much my only absolutely mandatory criteria. After that…It really, really depends. (“Depends on what?” “Shut up.”)

10) What color socks are you wearing?

All my socks are black. No idea why.

11) Blue or Black pens?

Black. More professional, better to draw with, easier to scan if necessary. Also: a perfectly generic, neutral colour that works in any circumstance.

12) What’s the best book you ever read?

Lord of the Rings. No contest. (Put your hand down, Frank Herbert)

13) What would you choose to be your last meal?

One of Idunn’s golden apples from Norse mythology, which grant immortality.

14) If you were given the option to choose your death, how would you die?

On a Quest Bed.

None of you read Homestuck? None of you? Fine, here’s what happens when you die on your Quest Bed:

15) What is one thing you wish you’d never heard/learned?

That the average human eats roughly eight spiders per year, which crawl into your mouth and down your throat while you’re asleep.

You’re welcome.

So! There you have it! A close-up look at my deep intellect and grand artistic talent. Don’t you feel like you’ve just accomplished something?

Happy Halloween I guess,


P.S. Oh god how can these be so much fun to make




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  1. This is probably the most epic acceptance post EVAR. X-P And I know, Disney’s not my favorite either… I was having a hard time to come up with good questions. :-S

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