#tw : the following imagery can severely creep people out.


Terezi, to complement the one I did of Karkat a week ago, which was so unbelievably terrible I won’t even link to it. Basically I did pretty much the same thing except without making the same mistakes I did with Kk.

I…I honestly didn’t intend for her to look this absolutely terrifying. I mean, I was shooting for a little creepy, because let’s face it, that’s who Terezi is. I don’t know how…this happened. Look, this was the image I was using as a reference. …She’s starting to creep me out a little, which is saying a lot since I’m the one who drew her. Eh.

So her horns look like paper tubes she stuck to her head, but overall I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

In other news, happy 11/11 everybody! For both the reasons that I celebrate – the reason that makes today a national holiday and allowed me to take the time to make this freakish portrait in the first place, as well as the anniversary of the Alpha Kids’ entry into the game. Yeah yeah so long story short I love Homestuck probably a lot more than I let on blah, I was going to do a bunch of doodles celebrating both occasions plus a Skyrim-themed one because there’s that too, but meeehhhhh


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  1. Lollipop eyes!

    The horns… the hair pattern doesn’t seem aware of the horns.

  2. Is this supposed to be a demon, or what?

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