Just dropping this off here. Happy new year everyone


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  1. Absolutely gorgeous. (Sorry I haven’t been around. School and work came in and took over.)

  2. *leans out of the TARDIS mid-flight* Whoo! I’m flying! *the Doctor pulls me back in*
    Seriously, you should do backdrops for sci-fi shows or something. THIS IS JUST SOOOOOO COOL!!! (I mentioned doing a collaboration–could you put something like this behind the TARDIS? because PRETTY.)
    Also, I’m not ADHD. I just have hyper-focus. (maybe that’s why the fandom quiz gave me the Doctor? Because there have been a couple times when he was saying something relevant and then went off on a tangent… “Oooh! Shiny!” :-P) So basically when I’m focusing on something I’m COMPLETELY focused on it, and I don’t like being interrupted in the middle of tasks because I don’t come back to them in the end, I forget all about it while doing the new thing someone told me to do. *sigh* That’s me. I can’t multitask all that well. Guess I compartmentalize–like men do. But I’m a girl. Just have weird brain chemistry or something.

    • I’m pretty sure the differences between the way men and women think is mostly urban myth – like the left brain/right brain theory. Society tends to randomly gender too many concepts altogether; you can almost never trust those assertions! And yeah, actual ADHD is pretty serious and not as common as people make it out to be. People tend to say stuff like “oh yeah, I’m ADD, I can never focus in class” or “I’m OCD because I keep everything organized”. But no, most of the time they’re just easily distracted or obsessively tidy. For instance, I’m overly anal-retentive, and I’ve had some people tell me I might have mild OCD (like when I have mini-mental breakdowns over tiny organising mistakes). Which is simply a poorly informed diagnosis, OCD is a lot more than just needing everything to be in its proper place…
      Long story short, most people know too little about common mental illnesses and tend to slap on those labels way too quickly. It’s really undermining for people who actually have ADHD/OCD/autism/etc. >:[

      • Yes. I think that people sometimes also pick out these labels to wear to excuse themselves for something they feel defensive about. (Sometimes I can get pretty defensive about liking to finish one thing before starting another, but I try to just do what I can to keep my focus on both things at once…)

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