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  1. That’s amazing. So sweet… I’m kind of curious as to the story behind it, now.

    • Well…In the story, the characters are both reticent, pessimistic, snarky jerks, and hate each-other at first due to seemingly conflicting personalities. As they are forced into a save-the-world situation, though, they begin spending more and more time time with each-other, getting to know each other better and providing sympathy for the other’s problems. They eventually become best friends, the blonde one often supporting the horned one when he’s depressed or emotionally insecure. All while both of them continue to be snarky jerks to everyone, including each other. It’s one of my favourite relationships in all of Homestuck. I think that’s what you meant?

      • Neat. So sort of like Tony Stark and Steve Rogers, except with a lot less pep talk on the blond one’s part and minus the getting carried when necessary by a WWII veteran. 😛 (Though, Steve isn’t really a jerk at all 😛 Tony is trying to give him lessons in how to be a jerk, and it’s adorable how much he’s failing. These guys! They’ve somehow become my favorite friendship along with Anakin and Obi-Wan. *sigh*)

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