777 Writer’s Challenge

Erin nominated me for the 777 Writing Challenge!

Basically, you scroll down to the seventh page of your WIP, count seven lines down, and post the next seven lines in your reply.

Okay, so I’ve barely had any time to write anything since…the start of the school year, actually, so the best I can do is cut from a short story I was writing in – wow, June? Way too long ago to really count, but it’s what I’ve got. I should really try to make some time for this stuff, like, after the IGCSEs or something.


“He’d probably panic or faint or something. He is human, I understand they tend to do that.”

“You have no faith in him. He’s one of us, he’d understand.”

“Not yet, he isn’t. He’s spent too much time in this realm. He’s forgotten what it’s like to feast in the great hall, to walk along the walls of the city -”

Locke paused, seemingly lost in thought. His attention slipped from his glass enough for it to tip over gently; a trickle of blood-red wine fell onto the rough floorboards.

It’s about Norse mythology and is cooler than it sounds in this extract, trust me (not really)



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  1. No, it actually sounds super cool! 😀

    • Haha, from just that quote? Trust me, it’s super badly paced and stuff, I dunno if I want to go back to it.

      • I know the feeling… *sigh* I’m back to my old Star Wars muse, mostly. And apparently all my Marvel obsessions have invaded, because we’re dealing with a sort of Winter Soldier knockoff, only one who’s had his personality… more splintered than subdued. Perhaps callous when following orders, often surprisingly merciful, and oddly kind and gentle when off-duty. His mind’s a mess, though, I’m pretty sure… This will be fun *she says sarcastically*

        • Hm, that actually sounds pretty cool! “Main character with his mind somehow damaged” tends to lead to some interesting results, not least of which the endless backstory possibilities.
          I think that one source of inspiration you could use here is real mental illnesses – maybe reading up on their symptoms will give you ideas for the plot or the character?

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