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  1. *peeks out from under the table* Hi again, it’s me…
    I started watching Doctor Who. *cries* I am still in denial that Rose is gone from the show. I DON’T WANT ROSE TO GO. I’ve probably mentioned this before but ROSE FOREVER. Also, I started a doodle that eventually turned into something more. It’s kind of a Captain America and Doctor Who crossover type comic. It’s not that good, but I’m trying… *sigh*

    • Ooooh, Rose makes a few more appearances here and there, but I won’t spoil it for you! She’s one of my favourites too…*cries harder*

      • *hugs you and cries*
        I’m watching the one with the Weeping Angels with my sister. 0_0
        I’m actually working on a series of comics which sort-of tell the adventures of the Doctor and company… as cats. (I’m sorry.) And dog, in Jack Harkness’s case. *sigh* A very annoying, way-too-friendly mutt who keeps on getting in the Doctor’s space (mostly for the sake of the offended-cat-expression.) Rose is a street-smart mixed-breed with probably a dash of Himalayan, the Ninth Doctor is a dark brown cat with no particular markings, and the Tenth is a perpetually slightly-ruffled tabby who looks as if he’s tried to tidy himself up but wasn’t entirely successful. (Also, I think I stole the Eleventh’s bow tie, but that’s no biggie, I think, since, aesthetically speaking, you can’t put a regular tie on a cat. I’m going to frame it as the Doctor being annoyed because whenever they do anything dressy he has to wear a bow bow, you know, one of those fripperies crazy people put on their cats… and he likes his bow better in front. πŸ˜› I think he ran into a particularly insane cat person, or some sort of cat fashionista who put a bow on him and he didn’t like it.) Rose cat always wears a blue bow on one ear, and the Doctor’s bow tie is probably going to be dark red or occasionally black. I haven’t decided what cat Martha will look like. Perhaps a sleek black cat with a mitten and star?
        It’s meant to be adorable, and somewhat-serious. I mean, they’ll still move, sit, and lie down like cats, but there will be points when they cross their arms, scowl, or grab the sonic screwdriver with their paw. Oh, and the next-generation K9 was the Doctor’s way of getting back at Jack.
        The Doctor: “There you are! Moving, talking portrait.”
        Rose: *giggling into paw*
        It will be probably happier than the actual series. And Rose will never be gone for long, I drew her once and she was too cute, sweet, and smart to be ignored. (I should probably watch Aristocats for reference–and Jack is based on Tramp from Lady and the Tramp.)

        • That sounds absolutely adorable! I love the idea of dog Jack, haha – there is so much comedic potential in this! I like the sleek black cat idea for Martha, though I would say…maybe a siamese?
          Ah yes, and the weeping angels make a few more appearances after this…though it’s never nearly as good as in Blink; in the other episodes they’re turned into clichΓ© horror movie villains >:S

          • Yes. X-D (The other reason for Jack being a dog is because… well, Jack was oogling Rose’s backside through binoculars when we first saw him. Creep.) And there’s going to be one where Jack falls flat on his muzzle and the Doctor remarks, “I swear it must be genetic–somehow dogs ended up lacking the hand-eye coordination gene.” Of course, Jack’s revenge is going to take place later on–but the Doctor is never going to let him live down that time that Jack stepped on the Doctor’s tail.
            Well, Martha’s much more sweet-tempered than an average Siamese… or so I understand. (From the pictures I’ve seen of River Song, seems like she should be a Russian Blue.)
            That was scary. My sister was freaking out the whole time. The scariest part was when they were in the TARDIS and it was rocking–we know it can be moved from the outside (from “The End of the World”, I think), but for it to be rocking back and forth–that was a whole new brand of terrifying. Oh, and with the lightbulb flickering! Oh my goodness. The psychological terror was intense. Something that appears harmless and inert–and actually is–when you’re looking at it, but it moves and does things behind your back when you look away?! Legitimately terrifying. (The other time I was this scared was when I was watching “The Empty Child.” And the first time I watched “The Unquiet Dead”, but that was years ago, and I already knew the end. Watching “The Unquiet Dead”, you can definitely get the rationale behind the Doctor’s “No second chances” policy. He gets stabbed in the back, the other guy HAS to go down because he’s pretty much the first, last, and only line of defense. It’s harsh, but… he can’t exactly change it…
            (My dress that looked very modern when it was in pattern form feels Victorian-inspired now. Guess that that happened when I adapted it to fit me–it was designed for a child, but the finished bodice feels very Victorian, as do the lines and gathers of the skirt.)

  2. Oh, by the way. How would you feel about doing a collaboration? I’m working on a silly drawing of the Doctor and the Master when they’re nine years old–they’re joyriding in a TARDIS and little Doctor is all “ADVENTURE!!!” while little Master is trying to keep him from jumping out of the door of the TARDIS while it’s in flight and looking a bit space sick and clearly thinking “I hate you.” (The true origin of nine hundred years of enmity!)
    The thing is, I’d like to get it all colored in and put a supernova or nebula or expanse of stars behind the TARDIS in the picture, but I can’t do that very well–so, I can send you a partially-finished sketch for tightening up and coloring or just a finished sketch–whichever one you like better. (I tend to like my not-quite-complete pieces better than the finished ones, for some reason.)

    • Whhhoa, that sounds awesome! I’d love to do that! (Just an fyi though – I’ll be away until the twentieth, so I won’t be able to do anything before then :S)

      • πŸ˜€ Okay. It’ll probably take me until that long to get anything done anyway πŸ˜›
        I have an idea for the coloration style of the project that as-yet-does-not-have-a-name–my mom just got me these art pens with colored ink and I was thinking about just doing pen art with them. I did an illustration for someone’s birthday with a puppy and cupcake and they loved it–I think it was a very effective use of negative space, so I’ll be doing something similar… I was thinking about calling it “Doctor and Catpanions”, but that doesn’t have quite the ring to it that I would like. (For some reason I am not a big fan of markers–I do love colored pencils though.)

        • Hahah, yeah, pencils are a lot easier to manipulate. Markers tend to bleed everywhere, it’s incredibly frustrating – if you can find a nice thin black one that doesn’t bleed, though, that’s excellent for linework. Unfortunately, they’re pretty rare.
          Yes! Working with negative space is a good approach! Balance is always one of the most important things to focus on – with comics it’s especially important to think about the characters’ positions in the panels as well as the panels relative to each-other (I’m shamelessly linking you to Dresden Codak, a comic which I think makes excellent use of negative space, relative space, positioning, etc., just in case you want to get any ideas – )
          And I guess the name doesn’t really matter…But if you want my two cents, how about The Compawnions? Or Compurrnions? Or some other corny cat pun πŸ˜›

          • YESSSSS! That’s purr-fect! πŸ˜›
            “Doctor and Compawnions” it is! And we can shorthand it Dr.&Co! πŸ˜› This is going to be the most adorable thing ever!
            (Just started drawing Rose again. She’s so sweet. I think I made her too skinny at first. She needs to be a bit more sleek, while the Doctor looks a bit like a feral cat no one bothers taking care of, always like he’s just been in a fight but tried to tidy himself up not-quite-successfully. I may have stolen Eleven’s bow tie for Ten, but then again it’s not like the Tenth Doctor has never ever worn a bow tie (though, I agree–the bow tie does mean trouble. Although it’s really the Doctor and not the bow tie. :-P) Like I probably said before. you just can’t put a tie tie on a cat. It has to be something he won’t constantly step on by accident. I’m working on the scruffed-up fur to invoke the hairstyle and trying out various stripe placements–I think my favorite has the classic tabby pattern, a bit stripped down and simplified, with one stripe added down either side of the “face”–sideburns! πŸ˜‰
            Still trying to figure out how to get him to open his mouth so it looks like the Doctor for the “outraged surprise” expression that’s so utterly adorable…
            (Have you ever seen the lolcats meme with the cat that’s chewing on a Dalek toy? I plan on doing a spoof of that, with Jack demonstrating “Da Lick!” and the Doctor is like “Jack no” but Jack’s like “This is just what dogs do when they like people!” X-D And then I want to draw one where Jack does the “boop” thing–you know, when animals run up to each other and tap each other on the nose. πŸ˜› Poor Doctor. (Yes, he will be telling Jack repeatedly to stop flirting, though he’s really just as bad as Jack when it comes to awkwardly getting into people’s space. :-P)

            • ALL OF THAT sound absolutely adorable. This is going to be awesome.

              • YAYYYYYYY!
                And then I saw a super sad gif set. I’m not sure what it was from but there was an awesome older man and the Doctor and the Master was saying something about “your dad” and the older man said “I’d be proud if he was my son”, and then the next set was the Doctor saying “I’d be proud if you were my father” and I don’t know why but I just started crying and then started drawing a picture of sad Padme (supposing she had survived Revenge of the Sith) and Obi-Wan hugging his knees to his chest… (I think the second one is me doing way too much meta, but this is my headcanon. That happier, snarky Obi-Wan we saw in the Phantom Menace is the real Obi-Wan. The serene Jedi Master is just a front because only Qui-Gon ever made Obi-Wan feel that it was okay to be a little odd and sarcastic, and now that Qui-Gon is dead he can’t share that side of himself with anyone ever again. Inside, he’s still that child, forever caught in the moment when his childhood was stolen when Maul killed his mentor, unable to ever go back, and with no chance of ever growing up in a normal, healthy way. He turns that grief into a force for good by helping people and uses the rage he feels over his master’s death to protect other people from the same fate, but he can’t ever be the same, it doesn’t ever go away. He’s actually a bit like the Doctor, only the Doctor doesn’t care who he shows the somewhat-insane side of himself, he even uses it to fool his foes. It’s like Obi-Wan and the Doctor are alternate universe versions of each other, only Obi-Wan never entered the “who cares what other people think of me, I do what I want!” stage of teenager-hood and the Doctor never left it.
                oh, and Obi-Wan’s ginger. Almost forgot about that. :-P) Whoops, I made myself cry again, and now I’m kicking myself for that weak attempt at humor.
                I just realized–at the beginning of “Captain America: The First Avenger” and “The Phantom Menace” Obi-Wan and Steve are the exact same age. I’m crying again because they’re just two kids fighting a war.

                • Oh…Oh my god, you…
                  …you do not want to know the context of that scene, oh my god…D’:
                  I’ll just say that the gifset was from the episode where the tenth Doctor regenerates, and it is so much sadder than you are probably imagining, it involves so much self-sacrifice from so many characters oh man… Your first-impression description is heartbreaking, it’s painfully accurate, trust me you will CRY. It is a very very good, but very VERY sad episode. People will die, and it will be sad.

  3. Good stuff! Per your above discussion… Weeping Angels… scariest monster *EVER*!!

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