tablet contest thing

I entered an art contest where you had to draw one of a set of characters. I chose this melancholy gentleman – it occurs to me that this might be the highest quality I’ve ever achieved in a drawing? In any case, I do feel like I’ve improved a good deal over the past year. For comparison, here’s the glowing goop noodle I drew back inΒ October:

no really

And lo, how far we’ve come.


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  1. Wow. (Would I know this person, by any chance?)
    Oh, by the way: I recently started a story featuring a lineup of very unique ladies. It’s steampunk and probably somewhat post-apocalyptic, set on the high seas (technically, the air above them), and is about a group of women who’ve been lost on the high seas and are trying to get back to civilization on board the otherwise-abandoned state of the art warship/airship, formerly known as Invincible, now called Endeavor II, after Cook’s ship. The characters include Sciara, who was a nurse on board a battleship until the chain of command was wiped out, leaving her in command (she’s probably from India, and her name is pronounced like shee or Sidhe, whichever spelling is more accurate, so “shee-ara”); Nan, the airship’s official quartermaster, housekeeper, and steward, who keeps everything running smoothly; Jag, their nurse (I don’t think that’s her real name, though); Jules (her real name is Juliana), their engineer, who is always grimy and covered in engine grease (everyone keeps telling her to take a bath, though she only really can take sponge-baths, though on at least one occasion Sciara orders their pilot to take the Endeavor down so that they can bathe Jules properly); Meg (or Mouse, real name Margaret), a former thief, pirate, and conman, the airship’s pilot (and also responsible for the re-naming, as you don’t want to sail under the name Invincible, for obvious reasons), who has no fonder possessions than her prized, battered old music box and her signature goggles, which she always wears on top of her head (at some point, they get broken or lost, and she replaces them with a pair of oversized sunglasses, to the eternal teasing of her shipmates, eventually returning to the goggles when she finds some new ones); and Calypso, the ship’s gunner, musician, and cook, who can play but can’t sing, and desperately wants a nickname, but everyone always tells her about her real name “That IS your nickname!” because really, who’s named Calypso? She’s also voted the Most Likely To Be A Supervillain, mostly due to her mad cackle when firing off a salvo or even a simple salute, loves a lot of firepower–her cannons and her violin are her babies, and she’s working on a sort of speaker system, using a drum to carry vibrations in the attempt to make her playing louder, but it’s nowhere near the one we see Marty messing with in Back to the Future–yet. She’s also probably my personal favorite. I’d like to see some art featuring them–maybe I’d be able to figure out their characters and the plot a bit more then πŸ˜‰ I’m working on my own drawings as well, but got sidetracked by a comic of Steve Rogers and the Tenth Doctor which was spawned by the words “I walked”, so I’m probably going to call it that… It’s really sad and everything, and the final version is, of course, done in TARDIS blue πŸ˜‰ I should actually post a few pictures of it as a WIP before trying to do the final draft… get some feedback on it…

    • You had me at flying battleships.
      That sounds absolutely amazing! Mouse and Calypso are definitely my favourites already; but the whole team sounds like a real badass group of postpocalyptic ladies! I love the little details, like the sponge baths, the music box, and the speakers – you’ve obviously got their characters worked out!
      I’m burning to try my hand at drawing them, but I’m on holiday visiting the family right now, and won’t be back behind my tablet for the whole month D:
      I’ll definitely get on that as soon as I get back though! I do love steampunk. And I’d be thrilled to see your WIP, though you’d probably have to link me to it since I probably won’t see it otherwise, haha (Cap and the Doctor? I’m intrigued!)

      • Okay! πŸ˜€
        So basically it’s a blimp, zeppelin (is that the right word?) An airship, designed to rule the skies and decimate anything coming up against it. The “Dreadnought” was the first modern battleship, built by Britain–it sparked a naval arms race that ran up until the beginning of WWI. So basically, this ship was designed to be a “Dreadnought” of the air. πŸ˜‰
        My brother helped me out with that. He’s awesome like that. I think Mouse is his favorite.
        Yeah. Apparently Cap ran into the Tenth Doctor–who was probably travelling with Rose at the time, I think–at some point during World War II, and some Nazis were trying to bring about the end of the world, and they averted it. Rose made a joke about captains (that only the Doctor got), the Doctor went into talking a thousand miles a minute fanboy mode (which baffled Steve, poor man), and eventually offered to take Steve in the TARDIS, but Steve turned him down because he still had a war to win. The comic sort of takes place in two parts–one which depicts Steve coming across the TARDIS in the snow in a forest in Europe, and another which skips ahead about sixty-seven years to 2012, and shows the Doctor saying “It’s been a long time”, and Steve says, “I walked.” Which is supposed to evoke the “couldn’t call my ride” line and the “slow path” theme from “The Girl in the Fireplace.” Oh, and I’ll bet that Coulson and the Doctor know each other pretty well but neither one is telling. -_- *pokes Coulson with a spoon* *grabs the TARDIS key and runs*
        (By the way, the key for the store where I work looks an awful lot like the TARDIS key, only the key I have is bronze.)

        • Oh my gosh, I thought it was just a flying gallion, but ZEPPELINS! I bloody LOVE zeppelins! And I do know what Dreadnoughts are – a state-of-the-art airship, then? Or i suppose it was state-of-the-art, before the apocalypse happened πŸ˜›
          Oh man, Cap reuniting with the Doctor Girl-in-the-Fireplace style? My heart is breaking already…Rose making inside jokes the Doctor doesn’t understand, though. The series certainly needed more of those.

          • *giggles into my sleeve* Goodness, that’s the most emotion I think i’ve ever seen from you… but yes, there is so freaking much we can do with that, design-wise! I love the clockwork, brushed-brass, sort of cobbled-together-from-bits-and-pieces-and-whatever-they-had-on-hand look. It just fits so well with this story. And then they’re not around other people, so if they’re dressing up like people expect from steampunk, visually, they have a good excuse. If they ever do get back to civilization, they will probably love being able to get back into actual bodices and full skirts. (Mouse will probably be like SLEEVES I LOVE SLEEVES and go crazy with it. Also bows. πŸ˜› She doesn’t get much chance to wear sleeves in the airship, because the ventilation system is… an ongoing project. As a result, it’s normally pretty warm on board, even uncomfortably warm.)
            Yep, pretty much… πŸ˜›
            Also, Steve and Rose went together with the sonic screwdriver to take out Hydra’s computer system. And Steve being Steve, he’s perfectly competent and okay with cracking jokes with her when they’re just two soldiers on a mission, but as soon as she asks about his personal life, he starts to stammer. Like the Doctor, he’s pretty reticent about himself, but for the opposite reason; he feels like he didn’t have a very full life at all before the serum. Of course, we know that’s not true, but Steve thinks it is.
            Rose: “So what’s your family like? Back home in America?”
            Steve: “My father died from mustard gas poisoning.”
            Rose: “Did he work in a plant, or something?”
            Steve: “No, he was a soldier in the great war.”
            Rose: “Right, sorry. So what’s your life like at home?”
            Steve: “I… um… there didn’t seem to be much of a point.”
            Rose: “Oh, I feel sorry for your girlfriend…”
            I might expand on the comic by writing a story to go with, but I kind of like the impact it already has on its own, even in a clearly WIP state, so the comic will remain in its current state, even if there is an accompanying short story. πŸ˜‰
            Also, I think that part of this is going to be about Rose’s ability to relate to people. I think that’s a big part of why she works.
            Oh!!! Oh no. I just had a horribly sad idea. I might have the Doctor and Steve meet again after they lose Rose :’-( Kind of put them in a parallel situation, because they’ve both suffered the loss of a friend, and pretty much everyone they cared about is dead… I do think that Steve copes a bit better than the Doctor, but then again, he’s a bit more stable to begin with–and on the other hand, the Doctor is living out his grief, while Steve is turning his inward and isolating himself.
            I think that the best Doctor to pair Steve with in a crossover that I’ve seen so far is definitely the tenth, because on the surface you might think they were alike, but dig a little deeper and they’re really quite different, but they tend to complement each other. Steve always struck me as someone who wasn’t exactly comfortable with words, while the Doctor could talk the leg off a table, and Steve is, when he’s not trying to put things into words, very much a listener. Steve is brilliant (considered a tactical genius on par with Napoleon or Alexander the Great or Nelson, in fact, only he’s down in the trenches and can think on his feet and adapt and bend the situation to fit his team, which is, I think, a very unique ability in the superhero world) in a very down-to-earth way, while the Doctor is by nature much more outlandish. Also, I think Steve would be kind of glad that someone was breaking the silence that’s all too constant in his life, and I think the Doctor admires Steve’s ability to fight a war without slipping into the trap of thinking of the enemy as just “animals”, knowing when to stop–sometimes, it seems, the Doctor has a hard time knowing when to stop, or struggles with compassion, that sort of thing. So yes, I’d love to see a crossover of that sort. πŸ˜‰

            • Oh wow, there is SO MUCH that can be done with a return-to-civilisation story arc – because after the apocalypse, I’m guessing that any reconstructed society would have technology and customs from all sorts of different eras all jumbled together: ruins of skyscrapers transformed into temples and amphitheatres, banquet halls of junk food for the wealthy… And maybe all the power lines have been destroyed, so that there are very few easily-accessible sources of electricity that are available only to the rich, meaning the second golden era of steam power? Basically a post-apocalyptic Jules Verne novel!
              And when the girls get there they’ll be introduced to so many new concepts ranging from bath bombs to tesla coils (which I imagine Calypso would have a lot of fun with), Jules could learn about some of the more advanced technology that had been recovered but also teach the governmental chief engineer a few tricks, maybe they could visit the local library and learn as much as they can about the different cultures they all come from and whether they survived the apocalypse – and of course if they did, they wouldn’t be living in a victorian sci-fi land of cogs and pistons, they would be rebuilding society in a different way (like maybe the Amazon river flooded so the inhabitants have built a city in the treetops?) but Sciara especially, because India is a whole continent away and she doesn’t even know if anyone survived over there (maybe something like mass hurricanes and tidal waves across the Indian Ocean , so civilisation has mostly been rebuilt up North, and Nepal is having some serious immigrant issues?) but mostly because she didn’t really have anyone to teach her? I don’t know what her backstory is, so maybe she learned about her culture from a parent but I’d say she’d be bound to want to learn more…
              Oh wow, I’m so sorry, that is a ridiculous quantity of ideas, I just really like brainstorming steampunk ok gotta go bye

              • That is such an awesome idea for a story arc! I was thinking that I’d maybe make this a single novel, but there’s enough potential here I could probably write three or even five. (And that’s the thing about Sciara–I don’t know much about her backstory either, so I’d probably be playing it by ear, but that’s okay–I’m a bit of a discovery writer, and some of my best work is improv.)
                My brother says that this would make a great TV series, because it’s not like they’re going up against one villain the entire time–they’re trying to get home, or to whatever remains of it, back to other people, and they’re just heading into the wind and running into all kinds of villains along the way. Maybe there are people who have started these cults which welcome everyone but won’t let you leave, or there are baddies terrorizing small refugee camps, that sort of thing. And of course, there are pirates and scavengers–but then there’s Calypso, who loves blowing things up. πŸ˜›

  2. It’s been very impressive watching your skills grow over the time I’ve been following you. You’re definitely getting very good at this!

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